Best 3D Projectors in 2020 – Reviews and Guides

Many of us think we all can have 3D movie experience only at cinemas. That might wrong thinking because there is a projector to showcase three-dimensional films and other sorts of projections as well. A personal 3D projector works like a 3D projector at cinemas as well.

There are some reasons for this because a personal or professional 3D projector needs a three-dimensional content, on one hand. On the other hand, it takes 3D glasses so as to watch those three-dimensional contents. Without further due, we are here for the ten best 3D projectors with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best 3D Projectors in 2020

10. BenQ 4K HDR Projector

BenQ True 4K HDR-PRO

We all like BenQ three-dimensional projector for the following reasons. First, the projector’s resolution is 4K that is a very high-quality content it enables. What’s more, it can show enhanced contrast alongside HDR brightness for very realistic showing images. It’s a quality content for your eyes.

Plus, it shows vivid colors and visual brightness. Thus, it isn’t just a good 3D projector for films but also show projects such as architecture planning and urban planning as well. As a result, the 3D projector is excellent with professional uses. The product’s total weight is 9.3 pounds that is very compact for a normal 3D projector.

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9. Wowoto Projector

 Projector 3500lumens Mini

Wowoto can be your favorite 3D projector. It can show high-quality image resolutions such as those of 1080 pixels other than three-dimensional contents. What’s more, the product has 20,000 hours for filming and showing projections. That’s a lot of lamp hours for even a normal 2D projector. It also means five years for regular uses. The duration is up to date for us to upgrade new projectors for offices and homes.

While the product requires 3D glasses to watch those three-dimensional contents, Wowoto enables you to connect the device with contents in varied ways including Micro SD, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and more. It has its power from a 7800 MAH battery that can get recharges at home. Plus, the company that is offering the product gives excellent customer services to all of us as well.

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8. Vankyo Projector

 VANKYO Burger 101 Pico

If we are looking for compact three-dimensional projectors, Vankyo is a good product as it is only 2.5 times the sizes of an adult’s thumb. That’s superb compact. Additionally, you can use a HDMI cable to connect with those 3D contents. We can also access to content with WiFi as well.

Even though, it is a very small 3D projector, the product can showcase high-quality images such as those of 1080 pixels like other ordinary 3D projectors. You will get a two-year warranty just in case you do not yet trust the superb-compact 3D projectors. For additional peace of mind, we all will get 3-month full satisfaction warranties from the company that is offering the 3D projector as well. That means we can apply for refunds in case we are not satisfied with the performance of the product.

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7. Profitech Pocket Projector

Mini Projector Portable

Profitech 3D pocket projector can showcase varied qualities of contents such as those of HD, 3D and 4K. These quality contents mean that the 3D projector can work as both 3D, HD and 4K projectors to show projects, films and many other professional projections. What’s more, it’s compatible with TV Box, XBOX, PS4 and more.

Besides, we all will use Profitech with a 4000mAh battery that is a very large battery for long-term uses. In overall, the product design is also good since it is a very sleek 3D projector. Lastly, users will get a one-year warranty with it. Therefore, you can ask for replacements if you are finding out production failures, or there are accidental damages.

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6. ViewSonic Projector

 ViewSonic 1080p Projector

We will get a three-year warranty with limits from ViewSonic projector. There is also a one-year warranty to cover ViewSonic 3D lamp as well. These are very helpful for first-time buyers like some of us. The product covers 15 000 hours of projections that is very huge amount for years of uses.

Furthermore, it is compatible with smartphones, Macs, PCs gaming consoles and other multimedia players. Beside an opportunity to have good 3D movie experience, we all will get to play 3D games with the 3D projectors as well. Lastly, it can show image resolutions of 1080 pixels other than three-dimensional contents too.

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5. JMGO Projector

JMGO N7 Native 1080P

People find favorite in JMGO three-dimensional projector for the following reasons. First, it can project image qualities such as HD, 3D and 4K. These image qualities give us great experience with movies. It’s great for professional uses as we can make good impressions to our audiences for projects that are related to 3D including mapping, product designs, architectural planning, etc. Second, it features stereo speakers. Users will have no need to supplement it with speakers.

Third, we can connect contents we want to watch or see with it via our smartphones. It supports Android operating system. Unfortunately, it does not support an iOS operating system. However, you can connect it with other methods such as internal memory or USB cable. JMGO’s weight is 4.06 pounds. It’s a well-rounded and all-manner three-dimensional projector.

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4. Optoma DLP Projector

Optoma HD243X 1080p

Optoma is a good product. Full HD, 3D and other high-quality resolutions are possible with it. Furthermore, its brightness comes in 3300 lumens that is very great for home movie theater. Color is also accurate with it.

What’s more, we all can watch 3D movies outdoor with it because of excellent brightness and detailed color as well. To connect contents with it, we are required to plug in with USB or HDMI cable. Optoma weighs 6.75 pounds.

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3. Wowoto 2

 Mini Projector 4000 Lumens

You will use Wowoto2 for 30 000 hours that is a very huge amount of hours for its lifetime. What’s more, we will connect contents with the three-dimensional projects via phone jack, USB, SD and HDMI cables. These are all the great possibilities with Wowoto2. Moreover, it can connect with WiFi. As a result, you all can enjoy Youtube or Netflex experience.

The product has its power from a huge 10400mA battery that can get recharges. Additionally, we can watch movies with screen as huge as 200 inches with the three-dimensional projector. Thus, it is for home movie theater rather than professional uses, for a recommendation.

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2. Optoma 2 HD143X

Optoma HD143X Affordable

There is a good experience with Optoma2 HD143X. You will watch 1080p resolution alongside your three-dimensional screening experience. Meanwhile, the high contrast, RGB and reference display combine together so as to make excellent brightness and accurate colors for movies.

The projector can project very bright quality that we all can enjoy outdoor movie experience with Optoma2. As we all aware, it is a very good product for rather movie experience than presenting advanced projects which require three-dimensional contents. Lastly, the product weighs 5.5 pounds. The 3d projector for home is not too heavy or compact. We can use it for professional uses occasionally, nonetheless.

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1. Cocar Mini Projector

Cocar 3D Mini Projector

Per single time, you can use Cocar 3D project up to 150 minutes which is exactly 2 hours and a half. Furthermore, it has 2400 Lumens for brightness that is flexible for both outdoor and indoor screenings. What’s more, we all can watch both 3D and 4K contents with it. The product has a sleek design. Thus, it is rather good for professional uses.

The company that offers Cocar gives all of us one-year warranties that are helpful in case we are making wrong decisions. There is an excellent customer service as well. We can certainly contact them if we are not sure with some particular functions of its.

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Buying Guide

Batteries Power: All of the mentioned three-dimensional projectors need their power from batteries. As we all can see, all the products have huge batteries capacities that can run for a few hours. It is good to end a movie. In case you want to watch another movie, you can charge and watch those movies at the same time.

Exterior Design: Exterior design matters more to professional uses because all of us want to impress our audiences not only with how we dress and the way we present but also the tools and devices we are using. Things should be consistent. A professional 3D projector should be sleek in style. However, we respect your personal opinion over whether any 3D projectors are professional or not.

Screening Qualities: A good 3d enabled projector should project qualities contents such as 3D, 4K and HD. That’s a bonus of having a three-dimensional projector because we all can watch and enjoy 2D movie experience as well.


Some 3D projectors are good for professional uses while other 3D projectors are good for home movie theaters. We should switch for one or another because professional uses are not often as long as we are in relevant industries. You might also like 3D projectors that can go both professional and home movie theater. All in all, a good 3D projector has good battery capacity and exterior design. It should project quality contents and can get connected via varied methods such as HDMI, USB, WiFi, smartphone jacks, etc. If you are still not sure about those products’ qualities, it is good to have warranties and/or full-satisfaction guarantees along your favorite 3d projector and glasses.

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