Top 10 Best 40-inch Smart TVs in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

Modern people like many of us like to have modern accessories at home. We want everything ready at home, so our home can be a gym place, movie theater, karaoke place and so on. As a result, we need those smart accessories to make our home the modern living spaces.

Those smart accessories range from stereo speaker to 3D home movie projector. There is also a thing about Smart TVs as a modern home cannot exist without a smart TV. Now, a 40-inch smart TV is a good size of TV for making or breaking smart home. Here are the top ten best 40-inch smart TVs along with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best 40-inch Smart TVs in 2021

10. Proscan Tv Reviews

 Proscan PLDED4016A

Proscan is our favorite 40-inch smart TV with some reasons. First, it is a LED TV that can project 1080p resolution. Users can connect Proscan with multimedia via varied ways such as VGA and HDMI. We all can use headphone with the smart TV as well.

The product is slim that deserves for your smart home, on one hand. On the other hand, it weighs only 0.16 ounces that is very lightweight for a TV. Because the TV is both lightweight and compact, it looks modern alongside stereo speakers and other smart accessories such as Amazon’s Alexa. The large TV screen is good for multimedia whether it is gaming or screening new movies.

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9. Hitachi TV Reviews

Hitachi 40C311 40 Class

We all will like Hitachi 40 inch TV. It’s a LED TV that can show 1080-pixel resolution. What’s more, it weighs 14.1 pounds that is a solid weight for a TV. Additionally, the screen is large that it’s good for both living rooms and bedrooms.

Besides, Hitachi is one of the most well-recognized brands for smart TV. That’s a thing with it. Another thing is that pictures from the smart TV screen is detailed and rich in color. That’s a bonus it can offer to all of us.

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8. Samsung 40 inch Smart TV

Samsung 40 TVSamsung is a well-recognized brand in all Smart home accessories such as LED TV, stereo speaker, refrigerator and more. This 40-inch smart TV weigh is around 22.1 pounds. It’s a good and solid weight for a smart TV. Furthermore, Samsung offers you as smart TV users rich details and colorful images with its full HD 1080p resolutions.

What’s more, the product is good to sit alongside other smart accessories such as stereo speakers. Meanwhile, we should have a modern and sleek self for the TV to stand. Lastly, it’s good for both movie experience and multimedia activities such as Karaoke and gaming. This is maybe the best buy Samsung tv.

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7. Amazon Renewed

Vizio V405-G9 40-inch 4K

Renewed 40-inch smart TV is a TV offered by Amazon. It means the company is manufacturing it as we all know Amazon also has its fame in the smart home accessories industry as well. Users can connect content with it via HDMI port. Additionally, the LED backlight offers us rich color that is very excellent for movie experience.

Renewed can screen contents such as 1080p HD and 4K. What’s more, Amazon is offering a three-month no anxiety for every buyer of the 40-inch smart TV. That’s a great deal and yet a bonus for you as users.

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6. Vizio 4K Smart TV

 VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series

Users can connect Vizio with WiFi so as to watch streaming movies and shows from the 40-inch smart TV. Furthermore, LED backlight gives rich details and uniformity in picture resolution with it. Additionally, the smart TV gives all of us HD 1080p quality picture that is crystal-clear for your eyes.

Plus, Vizio is good to watch action movie with it. It weighs 17.64 pounds that is a solid weight for standing on the TV shelf. The smart TV runs on two packs of AAA batteries that can get recharges.

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5. SkyWorth TV

SKYWORTH E20300 40

We all believe that SkyWorth TV has amazing features. First, the LED 40-inch TV gives all of us full HD 1080-pixel resolutions. The hight resolution that provides clear pictures, rich and colorful. That’s also because it gives 8.1 millions of pixels for the quality of pictures.

Furthermore, it runs on A53 processor that is a powerful processor for running a smart TV. It means we as users can watch the TV for many hours without making SkyWorth heating. In addition, the attached speaker along the TV gives clear audio for streaming music and movies. The 40-inch Smart TV with speakers is not good for gaming, nonetheless.

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4. HiSense 40 Inc TV

 Hisense 40H4F 40-Inch LED

We all can connect HiSense with WiFi so as to watch various movies and stream many shows as available on the Internet. The content can be shared from your smartphones too. HiSense is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Furthermore, the image processor gives clear and warm pictures along the full HD of 1080 pixels resolution.

It is an Alexa-enabled smart TV as well. HiSense weighs 12.8 pounds that is a middle-heavy smart TV. Lastly, the product is coming along a one-year warranty that saves you a lot from making a wrong decision.

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3. RCA Roku TV

 RCA 39-40 Inch Class LED

We all like RCA by Roku. It gives true picture as you are watching real-time and real-life activities or actions belonged to those movies and gaming. The contrast ratio of 3000:1 also gives users very sharp and detailed pictures that maximize your home theater movie experience.

Additionally, it weighs 20.4 pounds. It’s a good and solid weight for a smart TV. Furthermore, full HD 1080 pixels movie experience is guaranteed with it. Two pack of AA batteries power the smart TV.

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2. Vizio 4K HRD Smart TV

 VIZIO V405-G9 40 Inch Class

We all can watch full HP and 4K movie experiences with this Vizio 4K HDR smart TV. Plus, there is LED backlight that gives sharp and uniform picture performance. Thus, Vizio 2 gives you not only excellent movie experience but also consistent movie experience as well.

Users can connect contents with the 40-inch smart TV via a HDMI port. There is another way to connect the content with the 40-inch Smart TV 4k. We all can use our smartphones to share contents with the 40-inch smart TV.

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1.Sharp Smart TV

Sharp 40 class Q3000

This Sharp smart TV is a well-reputed brand for the smart TV industry. The 40-inch smart TV enables connection for contents with your smartphones and tablets. We all can share content via USB as well. Plus, it gives all of us with 1080 pixels resolution with the hight quality image.

It has a total weight of 15.9 pounds that is a good and sturdy weight for modern and smart TV. Users will enjoy watching movies with Sharp because of its ability to give you rich and detailed image quality.

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Buying Guide: What is the best 40 inch TV?

The Best 40 inh TV should have the followings:

WiFi-Enabled: Smart TV whether it is 40 inches or other inches should be WiFi-enabled. It means you can search for contents on the Internet and stream directly. Therefore, users have efficient and tech-advanced smart TVs that you can stream movies from Netflex and play in real time Internet games.

Weights: Weight can make or break a 40-inch smart TV. Users should be cautious with TV that is too lightweight; although, some lightweight smart TVs are in fact good TVs. Solid smart TVs are good TVs because it can stand firm and sturdy.

Batteries: Many of the 40-inch smart TVs have batteries as sources of power. You should search for qualified batteries as sources of your favorite smart TVs’ power. There are some reasons with it. Poor batteries can cost you a lot as it is energy-consuming and expensive to replace new batteries.

HDMI and other ports: Users should share contents via HDMI and other ports such as USB. Sometimes, you have those contents on your personal computers. As a result, those smart TV that have HDMI ports are good because you can be flexible with many options.

Smartphone-enabled: The product should let you share contents from your smartphones and tablets as well. That means the 40-inch smart TV let you share contents from your smartphones whether it is an iOS or Android operating system.

Warranty: Some warranties give you peace as users don’t need to care much whether it is a wrong choice. Users can seek for refunds or replacements whenever those smart TVs don’t meet your expectations. Other than that, there can be production failures that all of us can apply for refunds or replacements within a certain period of time set by the companies that are offering those smart 40-inch TVs.


Modern households like to equip with smart accessories such as stereo speakers, karaoke accessories and smart TVs. Smart 40-inch TVs are the best fit or your smart homes because it’s large enough for a living room and easier to watch the movies or news.

Users can use smart TVs which recommended above for their bedrooms as well. A quality smart 40-inch Tv should be WiFi-enabled, have solid weights, can share contents from your smartphones and via HDMI ports. Users should also check quality batteries for your smart 40-inch TV as well.

You might also consider other high qualities such as whether the 40-inch smart TVs enable Alexa or not. All in all, a good and smart TV should have features in the product buying guide. Warranty is yet another important quality for your considerations. We know you can make the right adjustment along with other qualities you have in personal considerations besides the help from our 40-inch Smart TV reviews.