TOP 10 Best Apple Watch Stands – Review and Buying Guide

Have you just bought your new Apple watch? Well, if so, make sure to find out more about apple watch stands because the last thing that you want is to damage or lose it by misplacing. You wouldn’t want to buy the newest Apple watch and not post it on social media or show it to your friends, would you?

So to keep things safe and secure, here are ten top state of the apple watch stands, specifically designed to hold on to your Apple watch, preserving it while also displaying it beautifully.

List of Top 10 Best Apple Watch Stands in 2021

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10. PZOZ Apple Watch Stands

 PZOZ Charger Stand

Manufactured from soft silicone and PC material, PZOZ watch stand is the Apple watch stand ring that is built to last for years to come. It is suitable for Apple watch series 1/2/3/4/5 with adjustable cradle, allowing you to place your watch in a flat position or in a 90o angle for display. And with the nightstand mode, you can use it as a bedside alarm clock while charging your watch.

Moreover, it has excellent cable management, providing you with space inside to wrap your charging cord around and a spot for the magnetic charger to be embedded to. And coming at a light weight with no assembly needed, you can store it easily or bring it along with you with no problems.

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9. Spigen Watch Stand

Spigen S350 Designed

Prevent damage to your watch and start placing it on the Spigen watch stand. Consisting of a nanotac base and adhering pad made from silicone, this stable stand will secure your watch steadily without you having to worry about it slipping off. And it is adequate to hold on to Series 5/4/3/2/1 of Apple watch.

Furthermore, there will be no issues of untidiness, as the charging cable will be kept in place, although it is suitable for the original Apple watch charger only. What’s more, compatible with the Apple watch nightstand mode, your watch will be charged efficiently while it can act as your alarm clock.

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8. UGREEN Apple Watch Stands

 UGREEN Stand for Apple

Fitting any Apple watch series from 1 to 5, UGREEN watch stand is ergonomically designed in a 45o angle for the optimal view, efficient usability and better stability. Finely crafted from premium ABS and rubber materials, it consists of a shake-resistant and anti-slip rubber base that will hold your watch in place.

And it has a soft rubber cushion which is the spot where your watch will be placed, for the purpose of potential damage prevention. In addition, it also comes with a slot for keeping your charging cable hidden and managed neatly to avoid any disorganization, and keeping your desk hassle-free.

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7. Tranesca Apple Watch Stands

Apple Watch Stand

Coming with three different colors available (silver/gold/rose gold), a Tranesca watch stand will cradle your watch while it blends into the environment it’s surrounded by. Made from aluminum materials, it is able to hold any watch amongst series 1/2/3/4/5 iWatch in a 40o angle for excellent view and easy access. Moreover, for the utmost stability, it is built with a rubber pad to prevent the stand from tipping over or sliding off.

What’s more, it also includes precisely thought-through cable cutouts which allow you to insert the cord into, and a plastic locator provided for the magnetic charger, offering you a convenient charging setup with its unique cable manager.

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6. VIGLT Watch Stand

VIGLT Charging Stand

VIGLT watch stand is a durable charging station made from aviation aluminum, with top-quality scratch-resistant silicone pad, making it anti-shake and non-slip. Additionally, not only does it work with Apple watch series from 1 to 5, but it is also compatible with many types of phone and tablet as well, allowing you to watch a movie or reading online more efficiently in either a horizontal or vertical angle with whatever suits you best.

Adding to this, it can also function as a nightstand alarm clock. What’s more, it has a cable groove, which is made to organize your charging cable and offers convenient chargeability.

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5. AHASTYLE Watch Stand

AhaStyle Silicone

Constructed from high-quality silicone material, AHASTYLE Apple watch stand and charger is capable of securing iWatch from series 1 to 5. It comes with steady stability and excellent protection to prevent damages or scratches from your watch. Moreover, it includes efficient cable management, which helps in providing you with a tidier, easier and less space-consuming charging setup.

In addition, with the nightstand mode available, you can use it as your alarm clock on your bedside to wake you up in the morning. And with the light weight design, you’ll be able to pack it along when you are on trips.

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4. SFCCMM Watch Stand

SFCCMM Compact Stand

Compatible with all models of Apple watch, SFCCMM watch stand is designed to keep your watch snug while making charging less of a hassle. It has slots where you can insert your cord into and a central cutout coming in a circular shape for keeping your charger in place, offering you an organized charging station. Furthermore, produced from premium silicone material, it has an anti-slip stripe design base to enhance friction, avoiding unintentional tilt or skid.

Additionally, it can be used as a nightstand, a desk dock stand, or even just a stand to keep your watch on display if you want to show it off. And built to be in light weight, it is also possible for you to carry it around with you.

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3. Macally Watch Stand

Macally Apple Watch Stand

With jet black cushions and glistening aluminum finish, Macally watch stand is manufactured in a modernistic design to enhance the look of your watch when on display, capable of cradling Apple smart-watch series 5/4/3/2/1. And with the rubber slip-resistant grips and weighted metal pad, it holds your watch at 45o position, offering maximum stability, superlative viewing angle and convenient access.

What’s more, it consists of superb cable management, with a circular cutout and cable slots which will keep the cord hidden without bending it, minimizing disorganization and keeping your desk clean.

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2. Elago Watch Stand

elago W3 Stand Designed

The Elago watch stand is crafted with a vintage look, as the display lines up completely; it gives a similar look to an old Apple monitor. The white look isn’t the only thing it provides, the stand is also made out of high-quality anti-scratch silicone, which offers excellent protection, obstructing any possible damages to your watch.

Moreover, it fits perfectly with all apple watch series, including 1/2/3/4/5. In addition, it works with the nightstand mode, allowing you to use it like an alarm clock. And it also consists of cable management, to ensure absolute tidiness, or disconnection while charging.

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1. Lamicall Watch Stand

 Stand for Apple Watch

Works with Apple watch series 1/2/3/4/5, Lamicall watch stand will make charging your iWatch a lot easier. Provided with a circular cutout for embedding your charger and a slot for inserting your cable, you can set up your charging station neatly. Consisting of a supreme silicone base which is shake-resistant and non-skid, it also comes with a rubber cushion on the exact spot where your watch is placed, so your watch won’t get damaged.

Adding to this, the stand is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy with a thickness of 4mm, making it tough and rugged. What’s more, it stands at a 45o position, which makes it more convenient for you to use and look at the time when needed.

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Buying Guides

Wondering which stand suits you best? Well, you did manage to buy yourself an iWatch, and getting a stand for it won’t be any harder. And to help you get your hands on it, here are a couple of tips for you to keep in mind when purchasing an Apple watch stand.

Design: There are many different designs in a watch stand, and getting the one that is to your liking is essential. I would recommend a 45o angle stand, as this design would provide you with convenient access and an optimal view whenever you need to check the time or see if your watch has been fully charged, so you wouldn’t be bothered to tilt your head whenever you check.

Exterior: Don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, you would literally need to judge every detail on the stand’s exterior, making sure what it is made out of and whether or not it’ll last long. If you are looking for the one with excellent stability, I highly suggest the stand that consists of silicone or strip-design pad, as they make the stand shake-resistant and non-skid.

Features: What makes a normal watch stand and an Apple watch stand different is in the features. As the iWatch one would consist of a circular cutout and cable slots for you to embed your charger. So making sure that you are getting the one with those features is also very crucial.


An Apple smart-watch is one of the most expensive things you could buy, and if you were to get one, then it’s always a good idea to purchase a stand for it as well, to minimize the risks of misplacing it or getting it damaged. Trust me a single stand would cost less than getting your iWatch fixed.

So with all the information regarding the products and buying tips provided above, I hope you will find a stand that is to your liking.