Top 10 Best Automatic Fabric Defuzzer Reviews in 2021 – Review and Guide

It is very distressing to see our clothes get old because of fuzzes, lint and balls. These little things also affect the look of upholsteries. Thankfully, we have the top 10 automatic defuzzers to help you bring new life to fabrics. This article gives details about these 10 top defuzzers and there is a buying guide included at the end.

List of Top 10 Best Automatic Fabric Defuzzer Reviews in 2021

10. Anwenk

 Anwenk Electric Sweater

We are proud to present to you that modern rechargeable automatic fabric defuzzer that will simplify your life. It is battery free and you do not have to worry about changing batteries. This is a strong USB corded defuzzer. It will be easy as a pie to remove lint and balls. Users can trust the Anwenk Electric Sweater Shaver Lint Shaver in delivering a smooth, efficient and safe performance in removing lint, fuzz and pills from several types of items such as blankets, curtains, carpets and much more.

Its smart design provides a quick and easy use. The little tool features a detachable larger lint catcher, a comfortable grip handle and an efficient large shaving head. You will do marvel with this defuzzer and lint shaver in bringing new life into old clothes !

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9. Superlex

The Superlex Rechargeable fabric shaver is a convenient and strong one that offers high-speed rotary stainless steel blades. It is a battery operated automatic fabric defuzzer; it requires an 8-hour charging for a 30 to 50 mins efficient shaving. Designed for convenience of users, it has a larger lint container allowing you to groom longer without interruption. With its longer blades, it also operates faster than a regular sweater shaver and allows a more efficient and smoother grooming process.

One highlight to be pointed out is that the shaver has been developed to prevent damages or hazards while shaving. Moreover, Superlex is perfect for various situations; it is appropriate for wool coats, cotton clothing, sweaters, drapery, sheets, duvets and sofas amongst others.

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8. AW Union

 AW Union Fabric Shaver Lint

The AW Union Fabric Shaver is a powerful lint remover and corded sweater shaver. It is an easy-to-use tool that you can use to rejuvenate your fabrics. It is USB powered and offers smooth, constant and steady power for seamless performance. The machine includes an undetachable USB cord that measures1.2 meters allowing easy maneuvers ; all you have to do is plug the USB cord to a socket, power bank or laptop and turn the shaver on. Once plugged, you can start using the device immediately; there is no waiting time.

For greater protection and to avoid damage to your fabrics, the shaver’s metal honeycomb foil features 3 different hole’s sizes so that the device can eliminate perfectly different sizes of bubbles. Additionally, the design of the shaver is very ergonomic and ensures a comfortable grip.

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7. Aerb

Bringing youth back to clothes and fabrics may be a hard task; but not with the rechargeable Aerb Lint Remover. This little tool helps you to revive your garments by just gliding the shaver over the fabric. You will be amazed by the results. It is great for sweaters, blankets, couches, upholsteries and many more. In addition to that, it can also remove lint, fuzz and pilling while safeguarding the safety of your garments.

Being rechargeable, it is equipped with an upgraded battery. Be eco-friendly as you do not need to buy extra batteries ! Having also in mind safety of youngsters, the shaver features a safety switch so that children do not hurt themselves when the blade is open or loosen.

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6. FunnyKitchen Lint Remover

Efficient, powerful, eco-friendly and durable ! These are some of the attributes of the FunnyKitchen lint remover. This model comes in a battery-free usage, which the user need to plug in the electric socket to use it. For greater convenience, it has extra blade and brush for replacement. Moreover, it features sturdy and rust-resistant blades with a strong power system that will remove the most stubborn fibers on clothes. It is perfect for household use; its large shaving head allows fast shaving.

It is perfect for removing lint balls, pills and fuzzes of all sizes on upholstery, clothing and even on other delicate fabrics. You will feel safe using the shaver ; its blade cover reduces the risk of accidental cuts. The FunnyKitchen Lint remover is definitely a device to have at home for its efficiency, power and versatility.

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5. POPCHOSE Fabric Shaver

POPCHOSE Fabric Shaver

It is always handy to have a powerful and efficient fabric shaver at home. The PopChose fabric shaver is equipped with 5W powerful motors that spin at nearly 9000 RPM, making it perfect for both general garment care and urgent quick fixes. It has an upgraded 400T3 stainless steel blades with a 2.7 inch head, making it 60% quicker than many other shavers on the market. Similarly, it is a revolutionary shaver with its upgraded 3-in-1 function. It features its incredible fabric remover, a detachable electrostatic brush and a cleaning brush.

After shaving your fabric, you can use the same tool to give a polishing result. Its 50% enlarged honeycomb mesh ensures that your fabric is not accidentally damaged during the process. Moreover, it has safety switches that will automatically switch off the shaver when the blades get loose. The shaver is battery-free and can be rapidly charged using USB connection.

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4. Fabric Shaver Defuzzer

Fabric Shaver Defuzzer

This fabric shaver is renowned for its efficacy in removing even the most delicate fuzzes on different types of garments. Its powerful stainless steel 3 blades will remove fuzz, pills, bobbles and lint very quickly and effortlessly. With its one-button operation, it is very easy to operate and is perfect for home use or travel. It also includes a cleaning brush. With its sleek look, its design is also compact and lightweight ; it is perfect for frequent use. It can offer a 45-minute operation time when fully charged.

With its USB charging design, you can charge your shaver almost anywhere and anytime. It includes 2 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries ;it is cost-saving and you do not have to buy extra batteries. In addition, it has a honeycomb shaver foil to help protect your fabric from cuts or snagging.

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3.Conair Fabric Defuzzer

Conair Fabric Defuzzer

This amazing-looking Conair fabric defuzzer is an astonishing device to breathe new life to garments and upholsteries. For better convenience, it includes three setting depth control for customized shaving depending on the fabric used. The shaver can safely remove fuzz, lint and pilling while safeguarding the quality of the fabric.

The fabric defuzzer is very easy to operate; it is equipped with a detachable lint catcher and offers a comfortable grip with its ergonomic grip handle.  It has a wide shaving head so that the process is quicker. The shaver is battery-operated (2 AA batteries required).

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2. Allisable Fabric Shaver

 Allisable Fabric Shaver

The Allisable fabric shaver features a powerful 5W motor with capacity of up to 9000rpm high-speed rotation. Its 3-leaf stainless steel blades allow quick and easy removal of fluffs on several types of garments and fabrics. It can be used on wool coats, cotton skirts, sweaters and household elements such as sofas, couches, curtains, blankets or duvets. Lint, pills, fluffs, balls and pebbles will no more be a problem. You can see amazing results with only 3 minutes of shaving with the Allisable fabric shaver. On top of that, it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee !

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1.Fabric Shaver Rechargeable Lint Remover

 Fabric Shaver Rechargeable

With a modern magnetic design, this rechargeable lint remover offers remarkable power and efficiency. It has a 5W powered motor that means that it pins at almost 9000 RPM; it is adequate for garment area and when needed for emergency fixing. One highlight of this handy tool is its ‘strong cyclone convection’ that can quickly and easily remove any hairball.

Moreover, it has multiple clothing protection features ; the elastic blades and bionic-honeycomb mesh ensure protection of fabric from any damage or cut. That feature also ensures that this removes different sizes of bubbles. You will love bringing new life to garment and polishing upholsteries with this handy and powerful shaver.

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Buying Guide


Knowing about the power of the blades will tell about how efficient the shaver is. You can also inquire about the RPM of the blades.

Often, while trimming your garments, accidents may happen. You should opt for defuzzers that have safety features to avoid accidental damage to the garments.

An Automatic Fabric Defuzzer with a nice design and comfortable grip is always desirable for the convenience of the users.


Now you have come to the end of the article. The fabric defuzzer is  an ideal fabric care tool to have one. It can help cleaning the unwanted fuzz and take care of your clothes to stay in good condition even after times. The above top 10 are the best Automatic Fabric Defuzzer, and they are pretty easy to use and easily and quickly shave the fuzz out of your clothing fabrics. Grab one out of the above Automatic Fabric Defuzzer and take care your clothing fabric from today on.