Top 10 Best Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows in 2021 – Review and Guide

For those who are having trouble in having sweet dreams, you’re on the right spot. We have finalized the top 9 products that could transform your lifestyle into a healthier one with a “Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow”. This pillow is made to alleviate your stress, reduce your neck pain, a cooling effect for your head and make you adjust the pillow based on your preferred sleeping posture too.

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List of Top 9 Best Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows in 2021

9. Waave:

wavve Memory Foam

This bamboo memory foam pillow suits perfectly for those who want something that works in dual functions. By all means, it comes in 2 different sides with different filling. For the top, just as expected this model is constructed with a bamboo charcoal inside that leaves a soft and dense cover finish. While the top is made out of bamboo fills, the other side consists of green tea powder inside that provides an ultra-soft comfort to the pillow even more. You can flip to any side you want.

Waave is made to be versatile with any sleeping positions from neck, to back and stomach sleep when the pillow cover is removable and can be washed inside the washing machine too. As the pillow covers is designed in 2, on the top side it is built with a cooling effect and the other one is stitched with a stable and durable material that provides a cushion feeling. Not to mention that, this model doesn’t include any harmful chemicals to the pillow.

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8. IK:

ik Bamboo Pillow

IK is something you need for a sleeping support throughout your beauty sleep. This bamboo memory foam pillow comes in 2 different sizes for you to choose- king and queen size. IK is contemplated to be one of the best pillows in helping strengthen our back, neck and shoulders well and reducing your pains, during your sleep. Not only does it make you feel comfortable, but it also plays a role as a sleeping therapy too. This model has been certified in its hypoallergenic function and a breathable air flow that provides a cooling effect and anti-sweating to the pillow. Just like the previous one, this model is also flexible in various sleeping positions.

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7. Plixio:

Pillows for Sleeping

For those who are having trouble in receiving a good night sleep, Plixio is another option for you to dive in for. Unlike a normal bamboo memory foam pillow, this model has the latest-tech in constructing a pillow that consists of a shredded bamboo cushion pillow. Since the shredded bamboo foam is filled inside the pillow, each piece contains the combination between bamboo rayon of 40% and polyester for 60% to provide a soft and comfortable sleep.

Plixio also helps alleviate snores, insomnia, neck pain and headache as well. With its queen size pillow, I’m sure it definitely suits well on your bed. This model comes with a bamboo memory foam pillow case that is made to be hypoallergenic that could be removed and washed directly inside the machine. Plixio’s cover is ventilated and has a cooling effect without getting sweaty, while sleeping.

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6. Coop Home Goods:

Coop Home Goods

This pillow is an absolute alternative for you to choose, if you are looking for the same filling material just like Plixio. Coop Home Goods consists of shredded bamboo memory foam that is soft and durable to use, which each piece contains 60% of polyester and 40% or natural bamboo rayon. However, unlike Plixio this model comes in 2 different sizes for you to choose, queen and king.

With the right height and high-quality pillow being certified in one, this ensures a safe usage throughout a long period of time. After the purchase, you automatically get a 5years warranty for its quality along with an extra bag of the filling, when you want it to be more firm.

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5. Cosy House Collection:

 Cosy House Collection

Cosy House Collection fits perfectly for those who want something natural, durable and adjustable. This organic bamboo memory foam pillow has been certified as an antibacterial bamboo memory foam pillow that can be washed in the machine as it is resistant to particles too.

Thanks to the soft, cool and breathable fabric that is made out of a plushy bamboo that delivers a comfortable and safe to use. It allows you to adjust the height freely by just adding or removing the filling.

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4. Snuggle Pedic:

Snuggle-Pedic Original

This model works like magic to suit those who are annoyed by the complex adjustments with the thickness of the pillow. Snuggle Pedic comes with no cover with zippers at all, easy for those who want to adjust the thickness and shape easily by pushing it altogether or spreading it bigger to make it flatter.

With its new technology construction, this model allows you to do the wash with the pillow. Thanks to the high-quality filling with the combination of 57% of polyester and 43% of viscose bamboo that is venting perfectly as it is soft and comfortable to use. It comes in 3 various sizes for you to decide- standard, queen and king

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3. Royal Therapy:


Royal Therapy might be a winner for those who want a soft and comfortable pillow to lay your head on, especially for side sleeping and stomach. Since the cover is made to be natural with no toxic chemicals from inside to the outside, this pillow case gives high-breathing technique for the users.

For the filling, it comes with a shredded bamboo foam that is soft, dense and adjustable to your preference. The materials in this pillow are made to omit all the bad smells and small particles away effortlessly.

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2. Sleepsia:

Bamboo Pillow

Sleepsia is another alternative for you besides Snuggle Pedic that comes in 3 sizes- king, queen and standard size for you to choose. Just like most of the pillows above, it comes with a standard and high-technique construction material base from the filling up to the pillow case.

The pillow cover is made to be machine washable and the fabric is organic as it is breathable and easy to adjust with the thickness. The cover is hypoallergenic and enduring to minor dust and insects.

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1. Sweetnight:

 Sweetnight Bamboo

This ending product of this review is made by Sweetnight to tackle all of the problems, regarding an uncomfortable sleep. This sweet dreams bamboo memory foam pillow is made to alleviate all of the bad sleeping postures, reducing snoring and makes your spine work perfectly like normal. The filling can be removed and added based on how you want to use the pillow with your sleeping positions.

Sweetnight has been certified to be safe in usage with no toxic and harmful chemicals added on both fabric and stuffing. Since it is made out of bamboo, the pillow tends to stay calm and cool, avoiding sweats and irritation, while sleeping. The pillow cover is removable and can be washed in the machine. It comes with hassle-free refund and warranty.

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Buying Guide: Which is better bamboo pillows or memory foam pillows?

Getting a bamboo memory foam pillow won’t be hard to consider and decide anymore after reading this article. However, to ensure your desire for grabbing the right choice, we would like to recommend you looking further on some points:

  • Material: it is essential to seek for a breathable and soft fabric that has a cooling effect, which is obviously made out of bamboo.
  • Stuffing: it is a great hook for you to find shredded memory foam to ensure the durability and also easy with the thickness adjustments.
  • Washable Cover: make sure to get a pillow that comes with a machine-washable fabric as it is hypoallergenic with no toxic chemicals added. If the cover can’t be removed, just make sure the whole pillow is washable.
  • Versatility: it is recommended to get a bamboo memory foam pillow that is versatile for different sleeping posture, as the filling can be added and removable.

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It is clearly showing that having a bamboo memory foam pillow is adding more comfort and making you feel at ease during your sleep or relaxed time. It helps improve your health, strengthen your muscles, reduce your pains, increase your sleeping posture as they are natural and suit hypoallergenic people, and facilitate your way in a healthy lifestyle.

The products being picked and reviewed above are all recommended by our experiences in using them and their well-known brands too. Stop living with worries and start to grab yours now for good beauty sleep.