Best Beginner Electric Guitar in 2021 – [Buyers’ Guide]

Having a beginner electric guitar is an all-important decision for those of you who want to play and try out playing guitars for the first time. When there are too many electric guitars to choose from, we recommend you consider the top ten best beginner electric guitars with a product buying guide to make the right deal on spot.

List of Top 10 Best Beginner Electric Guitar in 2021

10. Fender Beginner Electric Guitar

 Fender Squier Bullet

Pepper your rooms with memories by buying this Fender guitar. The product is brilliant because it is a limited edition. The item, furthermore, features a red finishing that is a signature color for the item. Moreover, it includes a maple neck. As a result, the neck is constructed with a maple wooden type. It is a special wooden type you can find in the market. Besides, the product includes 21 rosewood fingerboards which are considered as a special type for the product.

What’s more, it has Stratocaster pickups that come in three single-coils. Besides, there are five ways of switching with it. The product includes a tremolo bridge that is synchronized. The item, additionally, brings about Austin bazaar, picks, strings, strap, clip-on tuner, and gig bag that are all extraordinary features for the product.

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9. Winzz Beginner Electric Guitar

 WINZZ 30 Inches Real

This guitar is constructed and manufactured for amateurs and professionals alike. The item is right for children between 4 and 10 years old, so no matter what, it is very recommended for amateur players. Besides, the item has an attractive color. The light color brings about full energy for players and those who listen to the playing.

Besides, it is constructed with quality material. The bridge and fingerboard are constructed with maple. There includes a knob in which you can control the volume when the product comes with a machine head and alloy bridge. The item is all in one guitar with two picks, extra strings, cable, gig bag, a wrench, and an amplifier. Lastly, it is a great electric guitar you can have for your kids when you can try playing the guitar as well.

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8. Master Play Beginner Electric Guitar

Sway those sunny days away with this Master Play guitar. The package comes as a combo with items such as a guitar strap, extra strings, guitar picks, a single carrying bag, digital tuner, chord chart, and guitar amp. The item is smart because all the items you need for an electric guitar are included in the package collection. Consequently, you can have confidence in playing the guitar.

Moreover, you can have fun with it to learn and play steps by steps. There are may colors available as well such as pink, mahogany, black, blue, and more. The item is for the basic one when you can follow lessons to learn the basics with it. The product is supportive of right-handed individuals, so the left-handed people are not recommended for the item.

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7. YMC

YMC 30 Kids Electric Guitar

Channel the musician in you with this YMC guitar. The guitar includes 21 frets which are correct for kids. The product is designed for right-handed kids when it is an ideal product for beginners. Additionally, it has a basswood body that is doubled in style to bring about exceptionality when children play the guitar. The product includes a control knob for volume, coil pickup, and fretboard. Especially, the fretboard is constructed with maple wood that is considered as a high-quality type of wood you can have.

What’s more, the item boasts a battery-powered amplifier. The product, however, doesn’t include batteries in the package collection. Meanwhile, it features a carrying case made of nylon that is good for musicians who travel. The item is simple for storage as well, lastly.

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6. Dark Blue

 GLARRY Full Size Electric

There you have Dark Blue. It is your preferred choice of electric guitar because you can have a lot of fun playing with it. The product enables a fender plate that comes in black color for a cool outlook of the item. Furthermore, it includes a plectrum, shoulder strap, guitar bag, power cord, and amplifier with it in the package collection.

The product is charming and attractive to every type of player. You can have a comfortable feeling playing it with the hand feeling and melodious quality of tone. The product is smart for your playing regardless of how you play it. Lastly, the item is constructed with quality woods including basswood, maple, and other construction materials for the solid and reliable performance of the item.

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5. Fender

Squier by Fender Bullet

What’s not to love with Fender? The product boasts a high-output and fat rock tone. There is a reason for this. The product includes a humbucking pickup pair for the product. Furthermore, it comes with a thin body that can increase comfort when you are playing and reduces weight. The item has a tuning machine that is sealed die-cast. As a result, it brings about a turning stability that is reliable.

What’s more, the product comes with an intimate and simple-to-use online platform that you can learn the skills from. As a result, it is really a genuine and authentic guitar for beginners who want to play guitars for the first time. Lastly, there is a library of music genres that you can choose from and play with it. There is no limit on what you can do and play new types of songs with the guitar.

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4. Rise Beginner Electric Guitar

Rise by Sawtooth

This guitar is constructed with quality wooden materials. There come a maple neck and basswood body that are for the product’s reliable and dependable qualities. Furthermore, the fretboard is constructed with maple when there are dot inlays. What’s more, the item has an adjustable bridge.

The package collection includes items such as pick samplers, pitch pipe, gig bag, guitar cable, guitar strap, and electric guitars as a combo in the product’s package collection. Besides, they are versatile in design which you can play and rehearse with. Lastly, the product is special with the online lessons that you can learn and practice to become professionals.

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3. Donner

 Donner DST-102S Solid Body

Here, we have Donner. The product is a full-sized electric guitar which is an accessory you need to play guitar with a beginner or intermediate level. The product is interesting when the item features solid basswood and maple neck. Furthermore, it comes with other qualities including tone controls, volume controls, pickup switches, one-way tremolo, and S-S-H pickups.

The product is, furthermore, astonishing because it features two-tone knobs and one single volume knob. There are 20 different brass frets with it. The fingerboard is at the top of the product. The item, moreover, enables guitar picks, clip-on tuner, guitar strings, capo, strap, bag, and amplifier in the same package collection. Lastly, it boasts one-year warranties for the item with exceptional customer support from it.

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2. Zeny

 ZENY 39 Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp

We believe you will like Zeny. The product is for those of you who are right-handed. It is a great accessory for playing guitar whether you are a beginner or intermediate. Especially, the product comes ready for applications out of the box. What’s more, the item includes a carrying case that is constructed with nylon for easy storage and traveling. The item is constructed with wood. Besides, the item has a smooth finishing.

Meanwhile, the package collection includes a single-coil, tone charger, two tones, three regulators volume, and 650mm pickups. It is one exceptional product you can have for yourselves, as a result.

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1. LyxPro

LyxPro Electric Guitar

Have you discovered LyxPro yet? The product is an astounding one because you got to have S-S-S pickups, volume/tone, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with the same package collection. Additionally, it features all necessary pieces of equipment you need for the product to be ready for playing straight out of the box. What’s more, the item brings about built-in AUX input, headphone jack, and speaker within one guitar. You can play your music with it as well.

The product includes steel strings, instruction books, and a small clip-on tuner for you to work out the magic. What’s special is the exceptional customer support you are going to receive from considering the package collection, lastly.

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Buying Guide

Having the best electric guitar under 500 is a smart move to start learning how to play guitar. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, having the best electric guitar for beginners is necessary. There are plenty of guitars, and we recommend you consider the product buying guide for making the right deal.

Construction Materials: You need to consider construction materials for the product to be considered worthy of your buying. The item should be constructed with maple wood and other types of wooden materials which are considered as top-notched construction materials for the electric guitars.

Accessories: Each piece of guitar should come including the right accessories with it. The product should feature accessories such as a carrying case, extra strings, capo, strap, guitar picks, clip-on tuners and more which are the product’s must-have items.