Top 10 Best Bluetooth Car Stereo in 2021 – Review and Guide

When going on a road trip, the most important item that keeps you and your friends entertained is the car stereo. Yet, when going to remote areas, it is guaranteed that stereo can pick up your favorite stereo stations. That’s when Bluetooth car stereos come in.

Bluetooth car stereos let you listen to music of your choice within just a quick connection to your smart device. That said, here are the top 10 best Bluetooth car stereos in 2021:

List of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Car Stereo in 2021

10. Aigoss

 Aigoss Bluetooth Car Stereo

A great car stereo is from Aigoss. This item is mostly able to be used with any type of plug such as USB, AUX, and SD card as well. Additionally, this one can easily be connected via Bluetooth for various purposes. Moreover, this car stereo also allows you to enable hands-free calls which means you just have to use the button on your phone to pick up calls.

More importantly, the stereo sound provided was so clear and beautiful. As a result, your music, podcast, call, or even audio will sound pretty much better on the road. This one comes with a remote control so that users in the car especially at the backseat will be able to easily monitor the stereo.


  • Input: AUX, USB, MP3 players, Smartphones, as well as other audio inputs
  • USB input charging and U Flash Disk compatibility
  • Equipped with Bluetooth built-in
  • Store 18 radio stations plus search stations
  • Various volume and EQ options such as Jazz, Classic, Rock, FAD, BAS, and more.

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9. Sarcch

Double Din Car Stereo-7 inch

Sarcch is one of the most advanced car stereo which offers users a fantastic experience. This product consists of many innovative functions and designs. In fact, with the 7-inch HD touch screen, you will enjoy vivid pictures while driving the car. This one also supports all types of phones by just using its original car stereo adapter to avoid potential disconnection. Moreover, in this product’s box, there will be a free mini camera to see live footage when reversing the car.

Besides that, this one is matched with any type of connector such as USB, SD card, or Bluetooth. The stereo speaker also produces a great sound, and more impressively, you can change the LED color as you desire.


  • Great screen resolution of 800 x 480 with 7-inch HD in screen size
  • Featuring 7 colors LED
  • Equipped with Mirror link function and rearview camera
  • Also have FM Radio, 18 radio storage
  • Four play modes such as BT, SD card, USB, and AUX audio input.

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8. Sound Storm Laboratories Car stereo

Sound Storm Laboratories is an ideal car stereo that produces fantastic sound quality in the car. The stereo speaker is very loud and clear so that you can enjoy the music beat smoothly along the way. In addition, the stereo box is equipped with equalizer that allows its users to customize the music that they want listen to, and able to control its operation with remote control from both inside and outside the car.

What’s more, this one is capable of working with many inputs such as USB, SD Card, and AUX that you can easily connect directly to your phone. This item is very easy to install because you just have to put the connectors in the right plug, and that’s it. The Bluetooth connection is also great and this car stereo set comes with a remote as well. The box is operated with 50watts and 4 max power.


  • Hand-free calls with Bluetooth Built-in Technology
  • Input interface includes USB, AUX, and SD
  • Featuring USB charging as well
  • Power: 50 watts x 4 Max power
  • This one is recommended to use with amplifier.

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7. Boss Audio Systems

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B

Enjoy your trips on the road with Boss Audio Systems. This digital car stereo from Boss is extremely beneficial as it is a 6.2-inch touchscreen car stereo. This one is very functional for the fact that it is compatible with any kind of connectors such as SD card, AUX, USB, and especially it also works with a DVD or CD. As a matter of fact, this product is well-known for its built- in equalizer so you can personalize your music audio with bass or balance.

Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity is perfect when it comes to pairing since it offers you a more convenient option to call or change music. The same to the remote; you are able to control the stereo when you’re in or out of the car.


  • Touchscreen and wireless remote control
  • Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and USB Charging
  • AUX, SD card, USB port Input
  • Pre-Amp output with steering wheel control
  • Equipped with ID3 Tag.

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6. JVC Car stereo

Without a doubt, JVC is one of the reputable brands because most of their products are quite outstanding. Related to JVC Car stereos, this one is also considered as an amazing product. This one includes one back up camera for seeing at the back of the car. The 6.8″ touchscreen panel boasts a great function to have as a modern car stereo since it allows users to control the music, call, or another setting on the screen.

Furthermore, this item has a fast Bluetooth connection, plus it can be used with USB, CD, or DVD as well. To install this product properly, you have to take a look at how a car stereo adapter works in advance.


  • Coming in 6.8 inches Touchscreen and wireless remote control
  • Featuring Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB, CD, DVD input
  • AM/FM tuner
  • 13-band equalizers
  • Supporting various file formats such as audio and videos.

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5. SiriusXM

 SiriusXM SXPL1V1

SiriusXM is a stereo that entertains you with a lot of stereo channels. More than 140 channels encompassing music, news, sport or even talk show stereo, you surely never get bored every second. Furthermore, you can create your own music playlist, so that whenever you’re in the car, your favorite song will instantly pop up.

More impressively, you can pause the channels for 30 minutes without missing any information. This stereo has a pretty colorful touchscreen display as well.


  • Compatible with Onyx Plus Radio subscription
  • 3-month free trial subscription
  • More than 140 channels
  • Allowing users to rewind, replay, as well as pause the liver satellite radio.

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4. Jensen

 JENSEN MPR319 Single

Having a Jensen BT Car stereo in your car will be the greatest decision you’ll ever make.  In fact, this product delivers a wonderful performance as a clever car stereo. On the small display, you will be able to receive 7 LCD characters for every response from music or calls. What’s more, the Bluetooth instantly pairs with your previous device, so that you can easily use it in a time-saving manner when you’re in the car.

Additionally, while using the car stereo adapter, you can play music on your phone while charging the device at same time as well. Plus, you can customize your own stereo settings as you desire.


  • 7 characters LCD displays
  • Voice Assist Button with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Single Din Dimension
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 1-year hassle-free parts as well as labor.

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3. Podofo

Podofo is a top-rated 7-inch touchscreen car stereo that supports 800 by 480 high resolutions for your video to be beautiful. This item offers you many input options such as USB, AUX, and TF card, which mean you can play music or anything you want by these ways. Moreover, while plugging the phone for music, it will be charged as well.

In this product package, there will be a rear camera which comes in handy when you reverse your car. Also, you will get 2 car stereo transmitters; one is a remote panel and another one is a steering wheel transmitter which makes it easy to control the stereo while you’re driving.

Most importantly, the 12 LED colorful light will definitely make your car look even more eye-catching. Additionally, the stereo contains a car logo change support that fits with your vehicle brand.


  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • High resolution of 800 x 480
  • Input options: USB, AUX, TF cards
  • Featuring 12 LED colorful lights
  • Equipped with rear camera view.

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2. aboutBit Double Din Car stereo

7 inch Double Din Digital

The top 2nd best car stereo is aboutBit Double Din Car stereo. This company seems to work so hard in order to improve their products to the next level, so this aboutBit is totally extraordinary. This one is 7-inch and supports the 1080 resolution for a better video quality.

This item can be plugged with many basic adapters such as USB, or AUX. Besides that, the built-in Equalizer brings you many choices in creating your own music or sound preset for your trip. As a reminder, this product comes with a free rear camera to put at the front or the back of your car.

One more thing is that, you will also receive 2 transmitters that are steering wheel controls for driver and wireless remote controls for people in your precious car. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity is simple and easy.


  • 7-inch with 1080 high resolution image/video
  • Input options: USB and AUX
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Equipped with built-in EQ
  • 2 transmitters and steering wheel controls are offered.

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1. Boss Audio Systems Car stereo

As we can clearly see, Boss Audio Systems is already one of the most powerful brands in terms of technology. This Boss Audio Systems car stereo is just simply a perfect companion that accommodates you along the way to your destination. Firstly, it has Bluetooth and voice built-in control, which allows you to be hand-free when making a phone call, playing music as well as apps such as pandora or spotify wirelessly, which is very creative and easy to use. Additionally, this function supports any sort of smartphones, no matter if it is ISO or Android, and MP3 players.

What’s more, it has a USB port that allows users to easily connect a wide music library or their MP3 players. If it is related to the sound, Boss Audio Systems has designed their speakers to be absolutely insane. The stereo speaker is pretty loud and clear, especially the bass volume will definitely turn your car to a party club. Besides that, the stereo is very classic and premium with the lovely color, functions, and quality.


  • Great music companion
  • Hand-free phone calls with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Control music apps such as Spotify and Pandora
  • Input ports: USB, MP3 players, and more.

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Buying Guides 

Trying to purchase the right product is very difficult because we want to spend our money wisely. The same goes to a Bluetooth car stereo. Fortunately, as you have landed on the right article, you will know what the perfect Bluetooth car stereo should possess.

The best Bluetooth car stereo should consist of some features as follow:

  • Various inputs:  a good car stereo should consist of USB, AUX, and in some cases SD card or DVD/CD. With these inputs, you will be able to connect the stereo to your phone or other devices easily.
  • Easy control: Remote, steering wheel control, or even a voice controller are the beneficial functions that you should consider. With any of these, you will be able to control the stereo freely and conveniently for many purposes such as making or picking up phone calls and music changing as well.
  • Display: Determine if you will want the stereo to comes with a touch-screen display, of what size, and whether or does not come with GPS navigation.