Top 10 Best Face Mist Reviews in 2021 – Review and Guide

As in our everyday lives, I believe that 80% of the girls are wearing makeup when going out. However, having your makeup done but it looks powdery and doesn’t blend into your skin well. How would you feel? Disappointing and annoying with all of the effort you put into right? Another situation, is when you have dry skin, there are flakes and you have that rough and greasy feeling your face since your skin lacks of moisture. Pretty upsetting. Last, is when you exposed out to the sun, you feel like your face and your skin is burning and damaging and some of the foundation or sunscreen that you are applying doesn’t help you enough from burning your skin.

Well, not to worry anymore, this article will guide to everything that you need to know for enhancing your beauty. We are introducing you to a product which is called a “Face Mist”. Face mist may come in different types of forms, it can be a setting spray after your makeup, a hydrating spray or a moisturizing and sun protective spray at the same time. Since we gain benefits from using face mist, today’s reviews are all about top 10 best face mist we found, based on their ingredients and experiences in using them.

List of Top 10 Best Face Mist Reviews in 2021

10. Herbivore Water Spre:


Coming off to the very first product of the review, which is a face mist that is made by Herbivore. This face mist is perfect for those who are seeking for a 100% natural ingredients that moisturize and hydrates your skin well. Moreover, the main ingredient of this liquid is made out of shea moisture coconut oil and hibiscus to cool down and calm your skin. On top of that, there are also flower petals and rose water added into this solution to form into one perfect bottle. Herbivore is best for whose skin is lacking of moisture and want to tone-up their skin. Not to mention that, this product doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals that could harm your skin as well as cruelty free too.

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9. L’Occitane:

 L'Occitane Alcohol-free

L’Occitane might be the best option for you, if your skin isn’t familiar with coconut water. The face mist consists of so many natural ingredients that are carefully constructed to moisturize and soothe your skin. It contains essential oils, vitamins, lavender, lemon verbena, olive oil and especially shea butter. With all these ingredients, it plays a vital role for those whose skin are dehydrated and rough.

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8. Glow Recipe Watermelon Ultra Fine-Mist:

 Glow Recipe Watermelon

Glow Recipe is made for those who are a huge fan of watermelons. This face mist comes with an extravagant design and natural with every bits of ingredients added into this one bottle. This ultra-fine mist consists of 84% of pure watermelon with hibiscus and hyaluronic acid which is perfect for hydrating and soothing your skin. Moreover, Glow Recipe is formulated from a Korean trending facial mist that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and it is cruelty free and vegan too.

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7. Lumion Skin:

 LUMIONskin Oxygen

Lumion Skin is originated from the United States that guarantees the best quality face mist in the market. This face mist is highly recommended for all skin types especially trouble skin. It consists of 100% natural ingredients with no harmful substances and they are cruelty free too. Not to mention that, Lumion skin is also being tested by dermatologists, therefore it is safe and great in helping your trouble skin in different ways. Lumion skin contains oxygen that improves hydration and radiance to your skin as well as hypochlorus acid for anti-bacteria and soothing and dead sea salt to revitalize and inject minerals to your skin.

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6. La Roch-Posay Thermal Spring Water:

La Roche-Posay Thermal

If you are having a trouble and sensitive skin, not to worry to find a product anymore. La Roch-Posay Thermal Spring Water. As mentioned, this product is compatible for all skin types, especially it is suitable for sensitive skin and even baby skin. Moreover, this face mist consists of Selenium that is rich in anti-oxidants and mineral salt to help soothe your skin as well as refreshes and tone-up your skin too.

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5. St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water:

Tropez Self Tan

This model is great for those who are looking for something that they can protect themselves out in the sunlight, since this product is made to be a bronzing water or what we called spray tan/ mist. After spraying this onto your face, you’ll see a complete difference between your skin, by looking glower and fresher than usual. Moreover, St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water gives you an instant hydration and soothing skin too. On top of that, hyaluronic acid is also included into this spray with no other toxic ingredients that could harm your skin.

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4. Evian:

Evian Facial Spray

Let’s moving on to another face mist of the review, which is considered to be one of the most popular brands so far in the skincare sector. Evian is perfect for whose skin is lack of hydration, moisture and is allergic to various ingredients. Moreover, Evian consists of pure natural ingredients to take care of your skin. On top of that, it is also highly recommended for makeup lovers. Evian mist spray offers a smooth and finish makeup natural look. Furthermore, it helps refreshes and tones up your skin well.

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3. Mario Badescu:

Mario Badescu Spritz

If you are looking for a mist, which you can use whenever and wherever you want to, Mario Badescu is the perfect choice for you. This spritz spray consists of a cooling and gentle at the same time. Moreover, this product comes in 3 different flavors for you to choose. The firs flavor is the combination of aloe, herbs and rose water that suits well with dehydrated skin and for those who wants a glowy look throughout the day. The second is aloe, cucumber and green tea which is great for acne and tiring skin- making it look refreshing without looking dull. The last one is aloe, chamomile and lavender, which is great for acne and dry skin, since they are good at soothing and moisturizing your skin.

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2. Avene EAU Thermal Spring Water:

 Eau Thermale Avene

This one of a kind spray mist consists of so many vitamins and other natural ingredients that could solve your dry skin mainly. Moreover, this is dermatologically tested which is great for even sensitive skin, since it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. On top of that, it is formulated by deep sea water as its main property in making this spray. Avene EAU Thermal Spring Water also consists of high calcium and magnesium to makes your skin texture feels gentle and soft. It is rich of silicate, lipopolysaccharides and sugar to prevent itchy and irritation on your skin.

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1. Pearlessence:

This last product of the review comes with a similar design like the first product, which is simple yet best with the quality. Moreover, it comes with so many benefits that could help you throughout the day such as hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, glowing and revitalizing your skin well. On top of that, it is also best for after makeup usage too to give a finish natural look. With this one, you can make sure that your skin is always protected, reducing damaged, and getting repaired faster.

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You can also find recommended Snail Facial Cream products to make it more effective.

Buying Guide:

We have to be considerate before purchasing any products. Especially when it comes to choosing a product for your face. I’m sure that some of you might hesitate whether or not to get face mist since you don’t know which to choose. Therefore, you have to understand what kind of a face mist do you want based on a few bullet points:

  • Know your Skin Type: it is best to understand which kind of skin type you are having to prevent complications, especially when you are having sensitive skin.
  • Hydration: seek the type of face mist that could hydrate ad moisturize your face well.
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals: make sure to find the one that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that could irritate your skin.

What is Face Mist?

Face mist is a liquid skin care product that is used to spray onto your face to make your face more moisturized and hydrated. Some face mist also helps provide sun protection.

How to use Face Mist?

Nothing complicated with using Face mist. Take your face mist bottle now. Shake it a bit. After than spray it on your face. You better use the face mist before you put on moisturizer, so that your moisturizer can help keeping the hydration from the facial mist you have applied on earlier. This helps refreshing your skins and making your makeup more natural and glow. We recommend you to use it both morning and night time.


We’re on the final of this article. To sum up, it is a really good idea for you to have a face mist a part of your skincare routine or makeup routine. These face mists being reviewed are all come in good ingredients, best texture as well as great in price. Moreover, using a mist helps your makeup looks refreshing, lasts longer, regain your tiring skin, calming, improve skin radiance, soothing and moisturizing your skin. I’m sure getting one of the reviewed products above won’t be a disappointment for you guys.