TOP 10 Best Handheld Clothes Steamers in 2021

Are you looking for the best handheld clothes steamers? Some people may rely on laundromats and dry cleaning shops to get their clothes cleaned and crisped. On the other hand, some people like to get matters in their own hands and manage their clothes on their own. It is a good way for budget saving to do your laundry at home. To do such things, you will need to invest in washing machines, clothes iron, iron board and cleaning products. In the entire process to have clean and crisp clothes, ironing will take the most time and effort. You will need to learn how to manage different heat settings for different clothes material as well. It is a gruesome and tiring chore.

That is why a clothes steamer was invented. Steam the wrinkles with hot water vapor and you will get your laundry crisped in no time. Even better, clothes steamers are designed to be handheld. The following will list 10 best handheld clothes steamers. You will also find a buying guide to help you get the most out of your purchase.

List Of Top 10 Best Handheld Clothes Steamers in 2021

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10. Steamer for Clothes [Luxury Edition]

iSteam Steamer

This is a handheld clothes steamer portable for you to take along anywhere you need to get your clothes wrinkles-free. Its water tank capacity stores 120 ml of water that can be used continuously for 10 minutes. Save even more time because it only takes 25 seconds to get you going. It is a powerful steamer that can straighten and flatten any creases and wrinkles. Esthetic design and looks also include features like a purifying filter to prevent calcium build ups inside the water tank.  It is designed to make your steaming experience spill-proof and safe.

The water tank is equipped with a built-in electric pump to prevent spills and leaks making it possible for all angles steaming. Fully handheld and tangle free without any cords attached. This sleek and compact steamer is compatible for your next travel. Also included is a warranty and customer care team that will keep you at bay for 3 years.

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9. NVISH Handheld Garment Portable Steamer

ANVISH Steamer

This handheld clothes steamer is cordless but it is still a handheld clothes steamer with superior modes selection for various kinds of fabric. An upgraded water tank can now hold 180 ml of water for vigorous and continuous 10 minutes steaming time. It features two modes for turbo and steady steaming for different types of fabrics. A safety function that shut down the steam automatically when it detects excessive warming and low water level.

It takes a minute to heat up and can only be used vertically with its beak pointing at 90 degrees’ angle. With its compact design, you can carry along you can get your own dry cleaning done in matters of minutes.

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8. Conair Complete Steam Fabric Steamer

 Conair Complete Steam

If you are looking for a handheld clothes steamer iron, Conair Complete Steam is the one you are looking for. It not only smooths out creases and deep wrinkles but also refreshes the fabric. This method of smoothening fabric is more resourceful than the traditional way of ironing. You can quickly look great with your crisped clothes on the go due to its solid design.

It takes 60 seconds to heat up and can provide you 5 minutes continuous steaming. Ditch the dry cleaning visits by simply adding water for perfect looking clothes. Save more time and cash by investing in a clothes steamer now!

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7. Bovolo Handheld Steamer for Clothes

 Handheld Steamer

Having a hard time buying handheld clothes steamers for travel? Look nowhere else, this handheld steamer by Bovolo is the one. It can quickly heat up in 27 seconds. For beginners, it is equipped with smart features that prevent leakage and gentle for steaming delicate fabrics.

Spend less time, save money and feel confidence steaming your own to neatness and perfection. Its portable design also makes it easy to stack it in your luggage. On top of it all, you can be less reluctant because a 24/7 customer service will support you throughout.

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6. hOmeLabs Handheld Garment Steamer

hOmeLabs Handheld

You can upgrade from hours of ironing to minutes of steaming simply by buying a handheld clothes steamer. It is a versatile and convenient method to get rid of stubborn creases and wrinkles. This handheld clothes steamer can also fresh up and sanitize your fabrics. It has a water capacity of 140 ml that can provide 10 minutes steaming time. It will only take about 70 seconds to warm up and be ready for steaming.

This device has a safety feature that automatically turns off the device when it detects excessive heating and low water level. This device is instructed to be used vertically and tilted at no more than a 45 degree’s angle to avoid spilling.

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5. MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

MagicPro Portable Garment

A futuristic looking portable clothes steamer by MagicPro will be your clothes’ new best friend. This steam will allow you to sterilize, smoothen and freshen most types of fabrics. It swiftly heats up in 30 seconds and with its big water capacity will allow you to steam continuously for 15 minutes. This clothes steamer can be used in a parallel or upright direction without spilling water.

It also features an auto shutdown safety function that detects overheating and low water level. With your purchase, MagicPro offers a 30-day refund and 1-year support for customer service.

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4. Hilife Steamer for Clothes

 Hilife Steamer for Clothes

If you are looking for a bigger steamer that holds more water for your steam time, this is the right one for you. This steamer’s water tank can hold 240 ml of water for a continuous 15 minutes’ steam time. However, it takes up to a little more than 2 minutes to heat up for steaming.

It comes with a 9ft cord that powers the device and keeps you going without worrying about the distance of the plug. It is not recommended to tilt the device at an angle more than 45 degrees as that could cause leakage.

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3. BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes


Another one of handheld steamers with big water tank capacity, this device heats up within 30 seconds only. You can steam your clothes continuously for 15 minutes due to its 260 ml water tank’s capacity. It can be used lying flat or in an upright direction without worries of water spilling.

The manufacturer also included three different removable attachments in the package for free. Every purchase comes with a 2-years return or exchange and responsive customer support service.

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2. Aerb Steamer for Clothes

Aerb Steamer for Clothes

This is a superior garment steamer for travelling. It heats up in 25 seconds and provides 10-12 minutes of steam time. The removable water tank holds up to 120 ml.  This powerful clothes steamer is gentle and suitable for most fabrics. A safety feature that will shut down the device if it detects overheating and no water.

It is foldable and compact for travel packing. Included in the package with this device are a drawstring bag and a foldable clothes hanger. You will also be covered with a 1 year and a half warranty over the product’s quality.

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1. Uomeod Portable Steamer for Clothes

Uomeod Portable Steamer

Last on the list is another portable clothes steamer that will surely make laundry less of a mess. This powerful steamer only takes 70 seconds to heat up and get you going for 15 minutes of steam time. Say goodbye to tough creases and wrinkles with this newly designed steamer.

It is designed to prevent water spitting and safety protection when water runs low. This unit can only be used vertically with no tilting further than a 45 degree’s angle.

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How to pick the best handheld clothes steamers?

Clothes steamers are the latest invention to keep your clothes neat and crisped. It is more effective, versatile and quicker than the traditional ironing. It saves time and money when used correctly. Here are a few things you should consider before buying one.

Consider the water tank system     

A bigger water tank that holds more water will give you more steam time. A smaller tank will need more refills. Most handheld types can range between 120 ml to 300 ml.

Think about its performance

How long does it take to warm up and ready for steaming? It is powerful enough to tackle stubborn creases. Does it have features that prevent water leakage? Can it be used horizontally as well or only vertically?

Watch out for the features and function

Look for additional features such as different modes of heating. It should also have some basic safety functions like overheating and low water level detection.

Set your price

Steamers can vary in a wide range of brands and price tags. Define your budget and consider between features and functions. What are the trade-offs? What is in it for that price?