Best Handheld Power Scrubbers in 2021 – Review and Guide

We all want our floor, kitchen, bathroom, restroom, tilt and tub clean. There’s no question to ask about this. As a result, we use many tools to help us clean those stuffs ranging from scrubber to vacuum cleaner and different types of detergents.

Nevertheless, a handheld power scrubber is one of the most convenient and effective tools to deep clean those dirty areas. That makes our home environment clean and as the place we want to live in.

Without further due, we are introducing you to the ten best handheld power scrubbers in 2021. Please don’t forget to consider features in the product buying guide as well because they are written to help you make a final decision along with your personal opinion.

List of Top 10 Best Handheld Power Scrubbers in 2021

10. Adpow

Adpow is an exceptional handheld power scrubber. It is battery-powered handheld scrubber with a pack of 84w motor and 2 8.4v batteries. The machine with batteries makes it run 90 minutes continuously for a full charge. Usually, a full single charge can take around 3.5 hours for a full charge. Moreover, it comes with four different brush heads that we all can use interchangeably to make clean kitchen, grout, baseboard, toilet, sink, wall, etc.

What’s more, it is a 360-degree rotation while the handheld power scrubber can do 280 rotation per minute. Moreover, we all can consider one way or another between the two speed rotation modes, that makes an excellent use. The fact is that we don’t always use the fast speed to clean those toilets, tilts, floors and bathroom. The product’s total length is 50.4 inches. Lastly, users will get one-year warranties from it in case of production defections or errors in a production line. That makes a peace of our minds.

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9. Acrimax

Acrimax contributes to make the cleaning tool industry. There is a thing or two with it that makes Acrimax one of the most successful power handheld scrubbers available in the market. The product generates a power from a pack of 2000 mAh batteries. That makes it continuously operate for more than 60 minutes.

On the other side of the aisle, the battery-powered handheld scrubber is waterproofed that doesn’t make the machine that gets a close contact with water very often get any sorts of damages. Because of the solid build, the product is constructed to last. What’s more, there are five brush heads that users like many of us can change from one to another. That’s a double plus from the company that makes the handheld power scrubber.

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8. Fruitteam

 FRUITEAM Electric Spin

Fruitteam is a good product. It requires a charging for it to get function. That’s because its power is from a pack of 2000mAh batteries. Fruitteam is made with ABS and PC plastic that is meant to last long for uses. Additionally, the spinning scrubber makes it easy to clean difficult areas. Users will also receive three different brush heads to use interchangeably with the collection as well.

Lastly, users will get one-year warranties from the company. The warranties are also along great customer service from the company as well. That shows a care from the company to its customers.

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7. Hommit

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Hommit makes a perfect deal for a handheld power scrubber. It contributes to make the cleaning tool industry with some reasons. Hommit is excellent to clean areas such as glass, sink, stove, countertop, shower, bathtub, bathroom, etc. It functions with a 280 rotations per minute. Additionally, the product is powerful to remove all those dirty spots and stains.

It features three brushing heads that users can use interchangeable. On a side note, it is powered b a pack of 2150 mAh batteries that can get recharge. The handheld power scrubber can function continuously between 80 and 90 minutes for a full single charge. The whole package weighs 2.2 pounds.

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6. Elicto

 ELICTO ES-100 Electric

Users will get five different brushing heads with Elicto. Therefore, it gives you flexible uses of it. Moreover, it has a power from a pack of 2000mAh batteries. Elicto can function continuously and automatically for two hours per full single charge. While the product has an environmental-friendly build, the rotating head can rotate 90 degrees that is good to clean those angles.

The handheld power scrubber keeps things easy as we all can reach up to five feet with it. While it’s good to clean bathroom, the product is IPx7 that makes it waterproofed. There won’t be any damages to batteries inside it, consequently. Lastly, the whole package weighs around 5 pounds.

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5. Dcenta Electric Spin Scrubber

Dcenta makes a perfect sense as a handheld power scrubber. There is a thing or two with it that makes Dcenta one of the most excellent power scrubber available in the market. First, it is a lightweight handheld power scrubber. Furthermore, it makes comfortable grip because the handheld has an ergonomic design.

What’s more, it’s a great scrubber for outdoor, kitchen and bathroom. It also features 360-degree rotating functions. Other than that, there are three brushes that you can change from one to another. Plus, it is an electric handheld power scrubber that makes it safe for uses as it is a battery-powered scrubber. Lastly, it works at 500RPM and continuously for 30 minutes per full single charge.

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4. Meco Bathtube Scrubber

MECO Electric Spin Scrubber

Meco is a self-serving handheld power scrubber. While there are three brushing head, the brush is rounded that is great to clean sink and bathtub. Besides, Meco can clean up stove, oven, tile and floor as well. The product will work continuously for one hour for a full single charge. A charge can take us between 4 and 5 hours that is a commons standard for a handheld power scrubber.

For the charging part, it is because it is powered by a pack of 22000mAh batteries. Users will receive one-year warranties just in case of any production defects. While you can apply to replace brush heads as well, excellent customer service is offered alongside warranties as well. That’s one of the best company to make handheld power scrubbers.

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3. Black Decker

BLACK+DECKER Grimebuster

Black Decker is a yet another powerful handheld scrubber. The rotating motion is so powerful that any tough dirt cannot get bogged down with the uses of Black Decker. Additionally, it’s a good product to clean around the house. Furthermore, it is built to last alongside an ergonomic grip that makes things easy to handle.

It is a battery-powered handheld power scrubber. The package includes items such as a charging stand, the power scrubber, sponges, brushes, etc. The battery is also a part of the collection. Lastly, the handheld power scrubber weighs only one pound.

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2. Holikme Bathroom Scrubber

Holikme is very special. It has 37 pieces of brush attachments that users like many of us can change from one to another to clean different areas around our homes. Those areas are such as grout, pool tile, sinks, showers, tubs, bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, etc. Additionally, Holikme has a length of 150mm for an extended reach.

Lastly, the whole collection weighs 2.9 pounds.

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1. Vansware

15 Pieces Drill Brush

Vansware is a great collection because there are 15 pieces of brushing head. In addition, there are two pieces of extension attachment that can easily make you clean hard-to-reach areas. As a result, it’s a good handheld power scrubber to clean pans, stoves, kitchens, bathrooms, wheels, etc.

Additionally, the scrubber brush can get an attachment to just any drills that make cleaning highly flexible. Users can get refunds within a two-month period in case the product doesn’t live up to the expectations because of defects.

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Buying Guide

In order to find the best handheld power scrubber that fit with your need, you should consider these guidelines:

Battery: Batteries are used in all the mentioned and reviewed handheld power scrubbers. Users should expect batteries that let you operate those handheld rechargeable power scrubbers for at least 40 minutes. Many of the products we mention can get into an operation for at least one hour. Nonetheless, 40 minutes is a rule of thumb. However, some products are electric handheld power scrubbers that we don’t mention here.

Attachment Brushes: It’s not necessary to have many attachment brushes. Usually, three brushes are enough. Nevertheless, it also depends on how far you want to go with the cleaning part. Thus, you can get more brushes and choose those options with many brush attachments, say 10 or 15 attachments.

Warranties: Warranties save you from production defections that are very normal. It stands very few chances as we are working our best to give solid reviews, but kindly expect those situations to happen. In case you are looking for handheld power scrubber that hasn’t received reviews from reliable sources, kindly expect those products to come along warranties to save you from unnecessarily wrong decision making.


A handheld power scrubber is effective to clean tile, floor, sink, bathroom tub, toilet and more.

A solid product should come with a pack of battery that let you operate at least 40 minutes continuously per full single charge. The cordless handheld power scrubber should have some attachments and warranty as well so that it saves you from production defects.

All in all, you may have your opinions over the said features in the product buying guide to reach a final and well-rounded conclusion over what types of purchases you are going to make. Thank you.