TOP 10 Best Herb Scissors – [Buyers’ Guide]

If you are in need of cutting and mincing herbs on a daily basis, it is recommended for you to get a set of herb scissors with super sharp blades and a well-balanced grip to make the task easier and require less effort from you.

In this content, we review the top 10 best herb scissors for you to consider. Make sure that you go through the reviews to learn more about their features and functions.

List of Top 10 Best Herb Scissors in 2021

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10. The French Pantry herb cutter scissors

 Kitchen Shear Gift Set

First of all, we have this herb scissor from The French Pantry. It is a set of herb scissors with multiple blades. The blade is made from surgical grade and food-grade stainless steel, and it does not include BPA. It offers a comfortable grip no matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. After using it, it is suitable for both hand washing and dishwasher.

There are many functions to work with these scissors, including de-boning chicken and descaling fish. Thanks to the dual blade design, it is very easy for the scissors to do the salad preparation as well. There is a blade comb included in the package for you to clean it easily.

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9. Etens Herb Cutters

These herb scissors from Etens. It is a perfect kitchen tool since it is a multi-purpose herb scissors to accommodate different demands. It comes with powerful precision and high cutting powder to perform all kitchen tasks, including cutting bones and meat. In addition, if you use it on a daily basis, there is also a blade cover to protect it from your children as well.

The package includes the shears, and there is also a cleaning comb to clean the scissors more thoroughly on a daily basis. With an ergonomic handle, it is compatible with both right-handed and left-handed users. This is super convenient for all crafting projects as well.

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8. TANSUNG Kitchen Scissors

Another choice for a good herb scissors is from TANSUNG. There are 2 color options, which are black and grey. The scissors are designed to be detachable, and therefore, it is easy when it comes to the cleaning time which allows you to use the dishwasher safely. The scissors are made from heavy duty stainless steel, and it is resistant to rust and stain.

More importantly, the scissors are super easy and comfortable to hold a long time. The grip is designed with a larger size to take good care of your hands. With these scissors in the kitchen, you can solve many problems easily, even the toughest one.

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7. Chefast 5 blade herb scissors

 Chefast Heavy Duty Kitchen

Chemists also provide one of the best herb scissors with crates and barriers. It is made for kitchen use, and it features a heavy duty design to promote the best durability and precision power in daily cutting jobs. The blade of this scissors has its length at 3 inches, and there are 5 of them in the set for you to use interchangeably.

It is worth mentioning that this pair of scissors is compatible with all meat types, including chicken breast. This saves you a lot of time from doing the cutting if compared to a knife. Moreover, in order to make the cleaning process easy for you, Chefast has included a comb cleaner to eliminate the mess from the scissors faster than your expectation.

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6. ZYLISS kitchen scissors

 ZYLISS Herb Scissors

For the herb scissors from Zyliss, it is designed to help users relieve their daily burden in cutting and mincing jobs. It is compatible with all herbs, and it enables you to have an easy preparation process for your favorite dishes. The scissors are made for daily usage with the easiest operation that you are always looking for.

It is equipped with 5 blades, and they are all made from high quality stainless steel. The precision in cutting is guaranteed in this case. Also, the grip features a soft and comfortable touch to make sure that you will never have any problems with handling the scissors.

After using, you can rely on a dishwasher to do the cleaning of the scissors for you.

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5. Sourceton herb cutting scissors

2 Packs Stainless Steel

Now, it’s time for us to give our attention to the herb scissors from Sourceton. It comes with an ergonomic design, which makes it suitable for both right handed and left handed users. It is equipped with sharp cutting blades to work with both meat and vegetables. Moreover, the whole scissors are compatible with a dishwasher, and this does not require a lot of time and effort for maintenance.

If you do not want to use it in a kitchen, it also serves several other purposes, such as crafting and shredding paper. This makes it also work well in the office to help you on a daily basis. It can be a great gift for your family and friends as well.

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4. X-Chef

Moving onto the next herb scissors from X-Chef, this set includes not only the scissors but also 5 other blades and a safety cover and cleaning comb. This enables you to have a better mincing process for both vegetables and meat.

The scissors are made from stainless steel, and it is guaranteed to be anti-rust and food grade safe. The scissors’ dimension measures 8.6 x 3.4 x 1.1 inches, and they offer a comfortable TRP grip in the design. This enables an easier control of the process.

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3. JOFUYU kitchen shears

Herb Scissors Set

This pair of herb scissors from JOFUYU is also worth taking into consideration. There are 5 blade shears included in the package, and they are all made from food grade safe stainless steel. This enables you to select the right one to accommodate your demand in different situations. Also, it will never cause the loss of flavor or smell in the ingredients.

The scissors offer a non-slip grip. Even after holding it for a long time, you will never feel any aches or numbness in the hands. Therefore, it saves you a lot of effort from doing the cutting job, especially in the kitchen.

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2. Smart Mom

 Smart Mom 5 Blade Herb

What about the herb scissors from Smart Mom? It is made as a perfect gift for those who are having a daily task with cutting or mincing. With these scissors, the herbs are easy to mince enough, and it takes only a short period of time. This herb scissors set offers 5 blades in the set, and all of them are built from heavy duty stainless steel.

The durability of the scissors should not be a problem for you as there is a lifetime warranty to support this purchase in the long run.

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1. OXO kitchen scissors

 OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose

Last but not least, we should not miss the multi purpose herb scissors from OXO. The scissors are made from solid stainless steel, and therefore, they are able to cut through many different items, such as meat, vegetable as well as cardboard. However, even with such a heavy duty usage, it is equipped with a cushioning pad to ensure a comfortable grip. This will cause no pressure on your hand.

Also, the blades can be detached from the scissors to make them easy for cleaning. you can clean them more thoroughly in order to work with it for many years ahead.

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Buying Guide

In order not to waste your money on a poor quality product, below are the criteria that you should evaluate before choosing a pair of herb scissors.

Blade shears: a good herb scissor set comes with 5 blade shears to work with different purposes. The blades are made from food grade safe and heavy duty stainless steel to last for many years. Also, it is resistant to rust, stain and corrosion as well.

Functions: a good herb scissor set can perform many functions, including cutting meat and vegetables, shredding papers, mincing herbs and many other purposes.

Dishwasher safe: this feature saves you a lot of time and effort from doing the cleaning. However, a good herb scissor set also includes a cleaning comb to solve your problems in removing all the messes.

FAQ: what are herb scissors?

Herb scissors are, as literal as its name, the scissors used for cutting herbs. It comes with 5 blades, which make you easy to chop the herbs quickly and without bruising the herbs. With herb scissors, you can spend less time to cut the herbs for your foods and without needing cutting board too.


To sum up for this article, we have demonstrated the main features of the top 10 best herb scissors to you. With this kind of scissors, you can reduce many of your daily workloads in cutting and chopping jobs. It is a useful tool that all of us need to have one in the kitchen. All in all, we hope that you can enjoy more of your dishes preparation process without too much work by starting to use these herb scissors.