Top 10 Best HP Pens in 2021 – [Review and Guide]

HP is a well-reputed and famous brand for technological devices such as personal computers and their accessories. Without doubts, HP pens are one among the best stylus pens in the market. These HP pens are for professionals and artists. Professionals can use those stylus pens to write down notes or control their personal computers or tablets.

That’s a thing with HP pens. For artists, it’s all about drawing. HP pens are beneficial because they are stylus pens on themselves. Meanwhile, these pens are manufactured by HP. Without a delay, we are presenting you the top ten best HP pens in 2021 with a product buying guide.

List of the Best Selling HP Pen in 2021

Bestseller No. 1
HP Pen
Works with a range of apps for anything from drawing to computing
SaleBestseller No. 3
HP Tilt Pen for Windows 10 devices with ink capability and touch screen with digitizer (Dark Ash Silver)
Brand new and authentic HP products ship from and are sold by (check above); Battery life up to 10 hours: Easily recharge the battery with the USB-C charging cable
Bestseller No. 5
HP Active Pen
Compatible with the HP Elite x2 1012 G1 and HP sprout Pro G2
Bestseller No. 6

List of Top 10 Best HP Pen Reviews

What is HP Pen for?

HP pen is a digital pen that is used with a HP touch-screen laptop or many other electronic devices. It’s used for taking notes, drawing, as well as annotating.

10. HP Pro x2 612 Wacom Replace Pen

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HP Pro x2 612 Wacom Replace Pen is a stylus pen that is compatible with HP Pro x2 612 G1. It weighs only 0.16 ounces that is very light. Its exterior design comes in an elegantly black color, which is also classic and sleek. Additionally, the pen is a stylus pen for both men and women. It looks good for professionals of all industries. What’s more, the pen is smooth to control your HP devices.

In fact, the product is also compatible with notebooks, tablets and smartphones. To sum it up, HP Pro x2 612 Wacom Replace Pen is an excellent pen that serves us well whether we are using HP digital devices or other brands while it is compatible with varied types of devices from touchscreen personal computers to smartphones. If you are looking for a replacement of your original one, do not over this HP Pro x2 612 Wacom Replace Pen. You may also purchase this one as a backup for your smooth work.

9. Pavilion Hp Digital Pen

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible

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Users can use Pavilion HP stylus pen continuously for 12 hours straight as you charge full the battery. What’s more, it is constructed with brushed aluminum that is a solid material for a technological device like Pavilion HP stylus pen. Aluminum makes both strong and stable stylus pen with it. Furthermore, it takes a micro USB cable that is a part of the collection to charge it with a USB source of power.

Additionally, it saves a lot of your battery as the stylus pen has an on/off button on it. As a result, we as users can just switch it on without a worry over wasting our batteries. It is an excellent stylus pen because we all can draw with it well. The quality is for those who have artist aspirations. Other than that, we can tap and swipe for professional uses too. Lastly, it weighs 0.64 ounces. The company is balancing both stability and weight for optional performance of its.

8. Dinines

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You will use Dinines stylus pen with devise such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers. Dinines stylus pen is an excellent stylus pen not only for HP products but products from other brands such as Samsung as well. Users will get supreme accuracy with it because every user can see exactly at which the stylus pen is pointing. Being kind with varied types of technological devices is a thing, being excellent with other types of digital performing activities such as gaming and drawing is yet another thing it has. This one comes in a pack of two with black and pink color design.

Dinines is a high-sensitivity stylus pen. Consequently, it is smooth for uses. It is good because the pointer is made with fiber for a high-sensitivity purpose. What’s more, the pen is also lightweight. The weight makes a stable and solid stylus pen for your varied technological devices.

7. Tesha

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Tesha stylus pen is an excellent stylus pen for the following reasons. First, the pen is operated by AAAA battery. It can support up to continually 600-hour use as well as 200-day standby time. What’s more, it has high-sensitivity. It’s not just a good product for taking a note. Furthermore, it’s an excellent stylus pen for drawing, marking, and hand writing.

Tesha is offering 18-month warranty for all of us who are choosing Tesha. Although, Tesha is a well-reputed name in the technology industry; the company wants to give us some peace of mind. Users might not know the product well as long as they are using it for a while. That’s the very point of a warranty. Users can seek for refunds in case they are not satisfied with the product within a 90-day period, lastly.

6. Business HP Pen

Hp Business T4z24ut Hp

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You will use Business HP stylus pen professionally such as writing notes and using it to touch mobile or PC applications. Thus, users will use it for controlling and managing your technological devices such as tablets, smartphones and touchscreen personal computers with styles. Additionally, we all can draw with the right app for Business stylus pen as well.

There is a thing with it as we can use the stylus pen for professional and artistic uses. No matter what, artistic uses are more beneficial and advantageous for it than professional uses. It is a high-sensitivity stylus pen that we can erase, draw and redraw with smoothness. Lastly, it weighs 0.64 ounces.

Preview Product Price
HP Active Pen HP Active Pen $58.99

5. Iafer

Active Stylus Pen

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Iafer is an excellent stylus pen because it is compatible with varied types of HP products from HP Chromebook x360 to Pavilion x 360. There is more with Iafer. Its pressure level is 1024 that is high to write or draw very accurately, for a thing.

For another thing, it is more of a stylus pen for drawing as it has a right clock to erase while you are drawing pictures. The whole product weighs 1.44 ounces. That’s a bit heavy but not so much. It is making or breaking a quality stylus pen. From our point of view, it is making a quality stylus pen.

4. AnyQoo

Stylus Pen for HP Spectre

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Even though, we all are still not sure with AnyQoo stylus pen, we will get one-year warranties. As a result, it makes or breaks our anxiety for any products that come with warranties or no warranties. Furthermore, users can apply for refunds within a three-month period whenever they don’t like the product. HP offers an excellent customer service to the point there is no worry whenever you are applying for refunds. No one asks you any questions whether it’s just a change of your mind. However, we all know all of us take care each other that only the product wrongly meets our expectation we apply for refunds.

AnyQoo doesn’t connect with Bluetooth or Driver. The stylus pen works automatically as long as it is fully charged. Additionally, there are 1024 pressure sensitivity levels. Consequently, the product is good for both painting and writing uses. It is a dual stylus pen because the product is good for both artistic and professional uses.

3. Tesha

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Tesha is made with premium material that is aluminum alloy. The material makes quality and durable stylus pen. Plus, it makes good look for Tesha as well. What’s more, it has 1024 pressure-point level to make sure there is a smooth writing or drawing process. Moreover, per single charge, Tesha can run for 600 hours continuously. That’s 200 days for normal uses. A pack of AAAA battery that is also a part of the package powers it.

The stylus pen’s collection includes one tip remove, one pack of AAAA batteries, two tip refills and the stylus pen itself. Users will get 18-month warranties. Plus, there is a lifetime support for the customer service as well.

2. Hacey

 hacey Active Stylus Pen

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Hacey pen is compatible with HP products such as Envy 17 and Spectre x 360. It will work automatically because the product doesn’t need any Bluetooth connectivity.

Once it gets a full charge, it will function on its owns. A pack of AAAA batteries power the stylus pen. Other than that, it weighs 1.6 ounces. It is excellent with drawing. We all can use the stylus pen for professional uses as well.

1. Digital Smart Pen

HP Digital Pen

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You will like Digital HP stylus pen. It weighs 0.64 ounces that is very flexible for professional uses such as taking notes and managing your tablets, notebook computers and smartphones. It comes with a silver color that makes users look even more professional. Even though, we can use it for drawing; it’s not a good stylus pen for artistic drawing or architectural drawing.

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Digital Pen Digital Pen $97.69

Buying Guide: HP Stylus Pen

The stylus pen is the best investment for boosting your productivity. Here are the tips to choose the best HP pens:

Battery Capacity: All HP stylus pens we are mentioning here get power from batteries. These stylus pens can get into operations for many hours. There is thus no doubt with any of HP pens. Nonetheless, we encourage you to see batteries capacities of your favorite stylus pens other than HP brands and apply some cautions with it.

Smooth Uses: It means those stylus pens have high-sensitivity points that ensure smooth uses. We all want those stylus pens to take note, draw and manage applications on our smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks.

Artistic or Professional Uses: You can choose any HP stylus pens that are good with both jobs if you plan to use these two functions. Nonetheless, when you are choosing an HP stylus pen that can do both jobs, you are choosing a compromised stylus pen that can do fairly both jobs.


A stylus pen is helpful because we all can manage our notebooks and occasionally draw some cool pieces of art with it. There are varied HP stylus pens. No matter what, HP is a well-reputed brand. All you should keep in mind is features in the buying guide along with some personal considerations to make a right judgement over hp pen vs tilt pen. We’re sure you know how to use a hp pen, nonetheless.