TOP 10 Best Hue Light Strips – [Consumers’ Guide]

A light strip can nicely design our rooms, bars, or kitchens at our own wills. Hue light strips make our spaces a better place. No matter what, there are just too many products available in the market. When it is hard to get the right one, we are here for the top ten best hue light strips in 2020 with a product buying guide.

List Of Top 10 Best Hue Light Strips in 2020

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10. Litcessory Hue Light Strip

 Litcessory Lightstrip Mounting

Stop stressing over your indecision and consider buying a Litcessory. The product is a dual-sided tape. It is good when you want to reuse a single light strip. The product is easily removable. You can remove the product from the surface easily. No matter what, you cannot use the tape once again when removed. Moreover, you can mount the product anywhere whether it be stair edges, monitors, behind TVs as well as under a single kitchen cabinet.

It is easy to install the product. You can relocate the item when there is no remaining sticky residue with it. The tape is specially designed, so the product is designed for those LED light strips. Furthermore, the tape is smart for indoor locations. The product comes with two-year warranties that give you a safety assurance for the product’s solid quality and reliable performance.

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9. S NMT Hue Light Strips

RGBCCT LED Strip Light

Do yourselves a favor by buying S NMT. The light strip is special with the product. You can use the remote control or voice control to manage the product. Additionally, you can use a mobile application to control the product as well. Moreover, we are smart to choose it because it works with SmartThings, Amazon echo plus, HUE, and more. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of how you can use the power supply with it. It is interesting because you can use a TV port and computer port as power supplies for the product.

Besides, we can have flexible strips because we can cut along those cutting lines, and there is no problem with it. What’s more, the light strips with remote feature three connectors in L shape that are convenient for your cutting. The product comes with a color temperature between 2700 and 6500K when the brightness is from 0% to 100%.

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8. Giderwel LED Light Strip


Have you laid your eyes on Giderwel yet? It is interesting to have the product because it works well and compatible with Echo Plus Amazon, Lightify Hub, Hue Bridge Philips, and more. We are considerate to choose the product for this reason. Furthermore, the connection range is within 20 feet between the hub and strips. Besides, it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can control the light strips compatible with hue with voice and change white color with it.

Moreover, we can control the light from anywhere because there is an application available with it. You can control the light strips compatible with Google home through the mobile app. There is a timing control that you can set for the product as well. Moreover, the product is good for TV back, bed frames, bars, cabinets, and more. The coverage area is as long as 32 feet. The product comes with 16 million colors for your considerations. Lastly, exceptional customer service is offered with the product.

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7. Airsky Hue Light Strip

Flexible Corner Connector

Have you discovered Airsky? The product comes with a simple installation. The item is as long as 33 feet that are good for your decoration. Moreover, you can conveniently convert female and male ends. The product is easily foldable when the item is simple for any kind of corner strip laying out. The item can cover larger surfaces when the product enables wide applications. The product is saving costs for those large surfaces.

Moreover, the cable material is constructed with copper wire when there is insulating plastic. What’s more, the item is constructed with fireproof material, so it is resistant against high temperatures. The item comes with two-year warranties. Besides, there is a two-month full refund policy that you can seek full refunds whenever you are not satisfied with the purchase. Lastly, exceptional customer service is offered along with the product.

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6. Qutra led strip lights

Quotra Wireless ZigBee

We just looked at Quotra. The product works perfectly with Philips Hue, Google Home, and Alexa. Consequently, you can voice control of the machine with no hassle at all. You can share Alexa with your family members for managing and controlling the item. Furthermore, there are applications for Android and iOS apps that you can control the item from a distance. The product works with hubs in a range of 60 feet.

No matter what, the product doesn’t work with Zwave hub, Bluetooth, Smartthings, Wink, and more. Meanwhile, the product works with Dimmer Switch and Motion Sensor. Besides, you can use it at many places around your home including TV back, cabinets, bed frames, bars, and more. The item is supportive of a coverage area of 300 feet.

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5. Giderwel led lights strips


There you have Giderwel. The product works well with Hue Bridge Philips, so the product is an efficient and smart item you can have. Moreover, it works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa because of the voice control system that you can command the item with voice. Besides, you can change color with the voice control system. Besides, the product has 16 million colors that you can choose from.

Furthermore, you can set the timing with it, so the product can work whenever you want to set the timing with it. Meanwhile, it works with and applies to bars, cabinets, and kitchen. In addition, the light strips kitchen under the cupboard has spectacular lighting with it that makes an exceptional item you can find available in town.

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4. Litcessory

 Litcessory Splitter

We believe Litcessory is the right product. You can have lighting for yourself. Furthermore, you can connect those light strips across your entire room. There are limitless possibilities because you can design the light strip at your own will. Moreover, the product is very flexible that you can use. Additionally, the pin connectors which are removable allows you the convenience to set up the item.

Furthermore, the product runs as far as 33 feet when the product is a UL certified item you can find available in town. The product, no matter what, is recommended for indoor applications only. You, therefore, shouldn’t use the product for outdoor applications. Moreover, you can use the controller to connect the item directly to the light strip Philips. Meanwhile, you can have two-year warranties with it that it is a good item you can have for yourselves. There shouldn’t be any hassles for considering the item, as a result.

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3. Philips hue light strips starter kit

Philips Hue Econic Outdoor

We are such fans of Philips Hue. The product has a beautiful and amazing design that attracts your attention immediately when you have it. Furthermore, the product is a brilliant outdoor product you can have for outdoor lighting. Besides, you can control the outdoor lights with the Hue app that you can command the product from a distance. Meanwhile, you can voice command the item as well. The product is a contemporary design that fits with your outdoor decoration.

Moreover, the product is balanced. It distributes light in many colors that assure the product as an attractive piece of item you can have for your homes. The item has a ceiling fixture that is meant for sufficient light in all those applications. You can install the product within minutes. Lastly, it has equipment of different components, so the item is easy and flexible for mounting with ceiling and walls.

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2. Litcessory hue led stripe

 Litcessory Extension Cable

What’s not to love about Litcessory? The product has an endless design because the design is so amazing and astounding for the item. You can create and decorate your rooms with those light strips. There is, therefore, no limit in possibilities for how you can design a light strip. Furthermore, the item is convenient and simple to install. The cables are flexible and flat that gives you an easy time to design and install it.

Moreover, the pin connectors come with a removable quality that boasts convenient and simple set up or installment with the item. The product is as long as 33 feet when the item is a UL certified product. It is smart, as a result, for setting it up for indoor applications. The product is not recommended for outdoor applications, however. Lastly, it comes with two-year warranties for the item. You can be fully confident about the product’s reliable and trustworthy performance.

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1. Philips hue light strip

Philips Hue White and Color

Do not wait until Philips Hue is out of stock. For a maximum decoration, you can pair it with smart bulbs or sync it with your assistant or smart home. The product works well with Microsoft Cortana, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Furthermore, you can install it under cabinets, bed frames, bars, and more. The product is simple and convenient to install. What’s more, it can cover large surfaces with the product.

Moreover, you can sync it with movies, music, and gaming for maximizing your experience. Besides, you can set the timing for it when the product works well to serve you with its lighting. You can command the product from a distance as well, meanwhile. The mechanism is possible with the command on your mobile application. Lastly, the product is certified by Energy Star and thought to last as long as 22 years.

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Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Hue Light Strips

The followings are the most essential factors you may need to consider before purchase:

Reliable Construction Material: The product should feature construction materials that are reliable. When all the mentioned products here are constructed with reliable materials, we encourage everyone to consider and value construction material with other products if you are considering them. Therefore, please focus a great deal of attention on the product’s construction material for solid and reliable qualities of the light strip.

Voice Command: The product should feature a voice command, so you can control it with voice. More often than not, it is only those products that are applicable to smart homes tech. Thus, you should consider the smart home applicability for the product’s voice command ability.

Applicable Mobile Applications: We value those products that you can control from a distance. The product should feature smart applications that we can access via our smartphones, so we can sync the product with them. You can, therefore, control the product with fingertips on your smartphones.

Flexible Light Strip: The item should feature a flexible cable, so it is simple and easy to decorate your rooms, kitchen, or bars with it. It is convenient to bend and design the light strip at your own will with the product design.

Warranties: The product should come with some sorts of warranties for the product’s reliable qualities. It is interesting to have some warranties such as those for two years and more. Some products are good, but there can be production defects. As a result, having some warranties give us assurance over the product’s quality.


A light strip is important for our rooms because we can design and decorate our rooms to become awesome with it. Furthermore, the product is a beneficial and necessary one when we can command and control it from a distance. We should, therefore, be smart by considering features in the product buying guide.