TOP 10 Best Interactive Toys for Kids in 2021 – Review and Guide

There are many toys you can find in the toy stores these days. For children, it is not surprising that they love playing, but as parents, you, of course, want them to learn something new even if they are just playing around. In this article, we would give you top 10 best interactive toys that can entertain your kids and are beneficial to their cognitive development as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Interactive Toys for Kids in 2021

10.Playkidiz Interactive Toy

Playkidiz Interactive Toy Cash

With this cash register toy, your baby boy or girl can 100% role play as a cashier. It is suitable for kids who are from 5 years old. This set includes everything that a cashier stand would needs including, basket, some foods and fruits, scanner, money, and more. You kids will feel as if they are running a real store. The provided drawer can lock and unlock with a key to receive cash or give a change to their pretended customers when they check out. This cashier stand also comes with a credit card payment, which will light up when your kid swipes it.

With this toy, your kid will start to develop their understanding with simple math calculations as they unknowingly get involved in numbers every time they play. For a better learning assistant, you can help them with the addition or subtraction methods when you pretend to be their customer.

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9. Talkin’ Sports

Talkin' Sports, Hilariously

This talking sport ball comes with many ball options that are all kids friendly. You can choose the type that is your kid’s favorite including baseball, football, unicorn ball, basketball, and more. You can also get them all these balls if your kids are very interested in sports, to master themselves with every sport from a young age. These balls are soft so you won’t worry that it may accidentally hurt your kids, plus it is washable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor space. All these balls have a smart sensor inside that will turn on when you tap it and turn off automatically.

The smart sensor can respond with every movement of your kids and speaks it out, for example, nice catch, biggest toss, slam dunk, and more. In total, there are 40 plus sounds.  If you want to play a song or music from the ball, you can give them a few shakes to it.

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8. Talking Microscope

Educational Insights GeoSafari

This is the best toy if your preschool kids are interested in science knowledge. This talking microscope will help your kids to improve their analyzing skills as they are examining 60 different colorful and lively images that are in different topics such as plants, animals, snow, and more. This talking microscope has 2 modes, facts mode and quiz mode. In total, your kids will be able to learn 100 new facts through the guided questions and slides. The audio features the voice of an Australian wildlife warrior, and it is in 4 languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish.

Your kids might also pick up some of the phrases in these languages along their learning journey. The design made it very convenient for your kids as they can get a close look with both of their eyes.

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7. Interactive Smart Robot

Novie, Interactive Smart

This smart robot is designed for kids who are from 4 years old. This robot comes with 75 movements, and there are 12 tricks that you can teach this robot. Your kids can train this robot into 3 stages, beginner (blue eyes), intermediate (green eyes), and advanced level (white eyes). If you want to skip any of these levels, you can change its function mode button. Each mode has 4 new tricks. The eyes of this robot will watch your hand gesture and follow in accordance. It is recommended to place this robot on a smooth surface. Each trick is shown in the quick start guide.

This robot can do many amazing movements such as spinning, dancing, making sounds, and more. You can know that this robot successfully learns the tricks from your hand gesture as it plays its happy sound. It is quite an attention seeker robot because if you do not interact with it when you turn it on, it will go to a sleep mode and you will have to turn it on again.

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We would recommend this i-Poster if your kids are interested in geography. This world map poster is very fun and a motivated teaching guide at the same time. You can hang it to the wall or just lie flatly on the floor. Simply click the function and your kids can start their learning journey. With this talking poster, your kids can learn about 92 countries and their capital cities, national flags, landmarks, and many other facts. After your kids learn about these, they can test their knowledge through the exciting quiz function.

This i-Poster will ask questions to your kids, and they can answer it by touching the map. And if your kid gets it wrong, it will give some hints till your kids can get it right. The volume of this talking poster can be adjusted to 5 different levels and you can replay the previous sentences as well.

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5. Whack A Frog Game

YEEBAY Interactive Whack

This is a very fun and interactive toy for kids who are from 3 to 10 years old. It is a great toy that can enhance your kid’s concentration, attention span, and cognitive development. Another great way to have fun with this toy is to find a partner and defeat it in a teamwork since this toy comes with a pair of soft hammers. This set is a safety guarantee toy. You can play it with your kids to have more interaction with them besides from your busy schedule.

To increase more challenges, this whack a frog game has 2 different modes and 38 different speeds. The difficulty of the game keeps increasing as you go from one level to the next. It will show the scores of how many frogs that have been whacked on the screen. With this game, it will keep your kids entertained and busy for hours.

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4. Workshop Playset

CoolToys Toddler Toy

This little workshop artisan game will keep your kids accommodated and at the same time introduce many different tools and the functions of each tool such as hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and more. To put more fun into this toy, it also comes with many amusing sounds to match each tool. In addition, this toy will teach your kids to learn to call the name of each shape in its correct terminology. It does this by playing a song when your kids are able to match the blocks with their proper slot. Furthermore, your kids can also learn numbers with this toy.

The provided slider can be moved and will shout out the numbers from 1 to 5 in different tunes simultaneously, enhancing a motor skill development. In short, this is an all in one toy that will familiarize your kids with numbers, alphabets, terminologies, colors, shapes, and more.

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3. Unicorn Vet Set

Little Live Pets Rainglow

Are your kids a pet lover and in love with a fantasy animal such as a unicorn? If they are, this Ringlow unicorn will be their best pet. It has 2 modes, the lively and happy Ringlow and the feeling unwell Ringlow. Your kids can have fun by curing sick Ringlow and seeing a healthy Ringlow again. Ringlow is very pet-like because it can make 40 sounds and is very interactive with its expressive face. Ringlow will make a sick sound when she feels unwell and be cheerful again after she feels better. This pet set will allow your kids to take a temperature for Ringlow, feed her with some magic drops, listen to her heartbeats, and more

And when the sparkle on Ringlow’s leg glows, it means she has injured her leg and needed your kids to apply some medicine and wrap a magic bandage for her. Your kids will surely love this Unicorn vet set a lot.

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2. Dalmatian Vet Kit

Battat - Dalmatian Vet Kit

This vet kit comes with 15 pieces such as a puppy, crate, and medical equipment (stethoscope, syringe, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and more). All of these pieces will be fit in the crate, so your kids can bring it to play with them anywhere. Every piece is very colorful and durable. It will shape your kid’s imaginary of being a vet.

Your kids can have fun in this role play, curing and taking care of their sick little puppy and at the same time practicing a social skill. It is suitable for kids who are from 2 years old. It is a great toy that can help to develop a compassion and empathy towards animals.

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1. Robot Dog Toy

RACPNEL Remote Control

This intelligent robot toy will be the best companion for your children. The movements of this robot dog will be controlled via its remote control. Simply press the button on the remote to order this dog to sit, stand, walk forward/backward, dance, bark and more. To activate it, simply long press its nose. If you want this dog to follow your hand gesture like a real puppy, set it on a blue eye mode. And if you want it to avoid the obstacles such as tables, chairs, or walls, activate it in a red eyes mode.

The purple eyes indicate an intelligent mode. This mode comes with 6 chips to insert into the dog’s mouth and press its nose again to see the programmed performance. It will last from 1.5 to 3 hours, and if you keep it on standby mode, the battery will last from 15 to 30 days.

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Buying Guides

  • Toy Material: It is very important to find the toys that are in a Non-toxic ABS plastic and BPA Free quality, so that you can be worried free about your children’s safety. Do not forget to see the age limit of each toy before bringing it to your children.
  • The knowledge that the toy provides: Each toy has its own provided learning purpose. However, consider both the type of toys and the topics that your kids are interested in, so they will have fun and enjoy their learning journey.


We hope this article will help you to choose the best companion for your children or give you the best gift ideas for any of the little one’s birthdays. We also hope that you and your little ones can have fun together to discover and develop their favorite learning assistance.