Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights in 2021 – Review and Guide

Are you growing indoor plants and currently looking for LED grow lights for your garden? Getting enough light is really important for plants and flowers to grow healthily. If you are growing indoor plants, grow light is a must-have item for your garden. There are different types of grow lights out there such as fluorescent, LED and HID. However, HID has been found to have some effects on human and environment’s health. Meanwhile, fluorescent is not much favored because of its high cost and heating after a few hours use. That leaves us with the LED lights. They are known to be safe for the environment, human, affordable, use lower power and don’t overheat.

In this article, we will be guiding you through our top pick of 9 best LED grow lights in 2021, along with some details to help you make the decision for your purchase.

List of Top 9 Best LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

9. KingLED King Plus 3000W

King Plus 3000W LED Grow

KingLED has always been committed to producing the most efficient and power-saving LED grow light that can promote your plant growth effectively and healthily. For this reason, KingLED has been known as a leading company and brand for LED grow lights. This King Plus 3000W from KingLED works as an indoor sun providing full spectrum light from 380 nm to 780 nm, including UV and IR, of natural light that is needed for all growing stages of vegetables and flowers. The light has a Veg/Bloom switch which was designed to supply proper light for different growing stages of the plants to effectively increase their growth.

To prevent overheating, King Plus 3000W is equipped with an advanced cooling system. As the name suggests, this LED light is developed with a 3000W LED lamp which produces a brighter light and more energy-saving compared to the traditional 2000W HPS lamp. KingLED also offers 3 years after-sale service upon purchasing and free return within 90 days.

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8. Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED

Spider Farmer SF

Spider Farmer offers a high efficiency and low energy consumption as it is equipped with SAMSUNG LM301B Diodes that produce great light penetration yet consume low energy. It has a Veg footprint of 3×3 feet and Flowering footprint of 2×2 feet. This LED is not built with a fan meaning it will not produce any unnecessary noise that will disturb you. As you receive the package of this LED light, there is no assembly needed, just unpack and it is ready to use. Spider Farmer also offer 3 year after-sale service allowing you to use the LED light and grow your plants all year round with confidence.

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7. KingLED King Plus 1500W

King Plus 1500W Double

This is a smaller version of the earlier mentioned King Plus 3000W, this 1500W LED offers power that penetrates deep past the canopy giving your plants all the lights they need for a healthy growth at different stages. Just as the 3000W, this KingLED LED has a Veg/Bloom switch. The blue purple light is for plants as it helps the plant develop and grow strong roots. The bloom switch has red and white lights which impacts the production of hormone in the vegetation of the plant. You can also turn on both the lights, which is recommended, during the flowering and fruiting stage of the plants.

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6. Mars Hydro


This high efficiency yet low consumption LED growing light by Mars Hydro will make your yield growth increase by 30% thanks to its LED technology that provides the highest output while consuming only 150W with 342 LEDs. You can save up to 50% energy while increasing your harvest. This LED is fanless that makes it function quietly. It is suitable for small or large rooms and even for commercial set up. There is a dimmer on the LED power supply that can easily adjust the brightness automatically.

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5. KingLED King Plus 1000W

King Plus 1000w LED Grow

KingLED is available in many sizes to better suit the different needs of all gardeners out there. This is its 1000W size that is built with 1000W LED lamp to replace the old-fashioned 600W HPS and produce better lighting and consume less energy which can help you save the cost too. Whatever size you choose, KingLED surely provides you only the highest quality LED grow light to promote better growth of yield and get better harvest.

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4. Phlizon 600W

Phlizon Newest 600W LED

This LED grow light has undergone through multiple tests to guarantee the full spectrum truly supports and promotes plant growth. The blue red light and white LEDs provide all the light a plant needs just as natural sunlight. Phlizon does not use reflector in their LED lights. Reflector in LED grow light is known to be easily heated which is not safe for use. The light has an easy access double-switch for different functions of Veg and Bloom. You can switch on one of them to provide proper light for your plant based on its growing stage. Phlizon LED grow light is perfect if you are looking for a budget LED light for your garden. It is affordable, doesn’t overheat energy-saving which saves you more cost in the long run.

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3. Mars Hydro


A full spectrum grow light that provides close-to-natural-sun-light for your plants to promote indoor growing at all stages. It is high efficiency and power-saving with 225 pcs LED. This fanless LED growing light is specially designed for home use producing no noise keeping a peaceful gardening experience. The high reflective heat sink will help with preventing light loss while increasing light intensity by 20% more so that your plants receive more light.

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2. Giixer

Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

Equipped with dual-chip 10w LED lights, this Giixer light provides efficient and brighter light yet only consuming 110W. It is perfect if you want to save the energy and cost but improve your plants growth. This full spectrum light comes with different light functions suitable for all kinds of indoor plants, vegetables and flowers. Giixer also offers a 24-month warranty and 30 days refund.

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VIPARSPECTRA takes safety concern just as crucial as efficiency. This LED light has gone through UL test and is certified for its safety standards. It is equipped with fire-resistant reflectors to ensure your safety. The lamp is 250W HPS and consumes only 130W, made to reduce operating cost yet deliver high efficient quality and increase harvest. It is truly an ideal choice for both commercial and home use.

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