Best LED Light Therapy Machine in 2020 – [Buyers’ Guide]

If you are having problems with the skin, and you have been trying too many skincare products, maybe it’s time for you to get an LED light therapy machine, which is designed for the skin in all body parts. The fact is that it can reduce wrinkles and fine lines, prevent aging, and eliminate all the impurities that you do not want.

To help you select the right machine, we will include a list of the top 9 best LED light therapy machines below. We hope that you can get the most outstanding one and get rid of your skin problems as soon as possible.

List Of Top 9 Best LED Light Therapy Machine in 2020

9. vinmax

PDT LED Face Mask

First of all, we should take a look at this LED light therapy machine from vinmax. It is guaranteed to include no side effects for this machine since it is built to be safe and healthy for your skin and body. This machine is responsible for improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and pores. There are 4 colors for the LED light, and the main benefit of this machine is to restore the young-looking appearance to you. The machine also provides light therapy for acne and other skin types. As a result, you will get white and young skin as you wish.

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8. Lift Care

Rejuven Mask Pro LED

Another choice for a good LED light therapy machine is from Lift Care. This machine is capable of eliminating fine lines as well as wrinkles as aging becomes a problem for many people, especially after working under stressful conditions for a long time. It is built with a remarkable system to make the skin look smoother and younger. It is recommended for you to use therapy on a daily basis, and the length should be about 10 minutes per day. This will provide restorative effects in return. If you are not sure how to use it, you can also refer to the instructional video for help.

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7. Pure Daily Care

 Pure Daily Care Luma

Pure Daily Care also offers one of the best LED light therapy machines on the market. There are 2 modes for this machine, and it includes 3 LED colors, which are blue, green, and red. The red LED is for aging, while the blue and green functions are for calming skin and enhancing complexion respectively. The machine also provides light therapy with eye protection, making it compatible with various body parts, including eyes, cheeks as well as forehead. The ionic condition can be set to match the demand of the skin. It can also boost the absorption ability of your skin to achieve the best result from daily skincare.

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6. Amazing2015

Amazing2015 PDT LED

Moving onto the next LED light therapy machine from Amazing2015, it is available at an affordable price to serve your demand of daily skincare. It offers 4 LED light therapy treatment functions in this one machine, making it compatible with both salon and home use. The light is suitable for skincare, and it is recommended by professionals worldwide. It offers a great service that is proved by CA locals.

The machine is equipped with 1032 pieces of LED bulbs, and the power is both efficient and effective in daily skincare treatment. It can perform a wide range of functions, including protein promotion, cell activation, injury healing as well as acne skin sterilization. It also provides a deep penetration effect at the depth of 1 – 2mm.

Still, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can claim a refund or replacement from Amazing2015.

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5. Yoove


Here comes this LED light therapy face mask from Yoove. It serves as an outstanding age eraser by using all the waves from natural lights to soften the skin texture and improve its quality. There are various wavelengths, and they are compatible with different functions. The functions include reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity to prevent the process of aging.

It produces no heat, and therefore, this machine also provides LED light therapy during pregnancy as well. It will never cause any irritation on the skin, and it works well for all skin types. The light is pure, and the energy is cost-efficient to serve you in the long run. It offers a lifetime warranty to ensure you with the best peace of mind after the purchase.

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4. Vansaile

Vansaile Photon PDT LED

For this LED light therapy machine from Vansaile, it is responsible for every body part that you can think of. In the set, it also includes a set of eye goggles to protect your eyes under the LED light. It offers a low level of therapy which will never include too much pain on your body. The machine has been tested and certified by the FDA for the quality of pain management. This light therapy can make the aging process go more slowly than it should be.

In addition, it can perform other functions, such as reducing acne and relieving pain as well. within 1 month, you can get a return or replacement in case the product contains any problems or breakage that are not expected for the purchase from Vansaile.

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 Led Face Mask

This LED light therapy machine from NEWKEY is also worth taking into consideration. It is made with medical LED lights, and the wavelength is designed within a healthy range. It is safe and gentle enough for the skin. There are up to 7 colors for this LED light therapy, and they include red, green, yellow, blue, white, purple, and light blue. They work for different functions, including anti-aging, smoothening, redness removal, soothing and other components.

With a white design, the mask is also fashionable. It provides an additional layer of coating to eliminate all the scratches and stains on the mask. It is compatible with all skin types, including the most sensitive one. Also, within 60 days, the product is replaceable.

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URYOUTH 7 Color LED Face

What about this LED light therapy machine from OUR YOUTH? There are also 7 LED colors for skin treatment, and each of them is suitable for different skin conditions. It only uses the most natural waves from light to treat the skin gently and safely. The functions of this machine include wrinkles and fine line prevention and removal, skin elasticity improvement, and fatty skin stimulation.

It is effective and safe for all skin types, and even if you are having a sensitive skin, you can work with this machine with confidence. What you have to do is customize the setting to get it to match the demand of your skin. With a 60 day warranty, you should be confident with this purchase from OUR YOUTH.

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1. Lift Care

Lyte Wireless LED Light

Last but not least, we should not miss this LED light therapy machine from Lift Care. It offers a wide range of outstanding functions, including fighting aging, soothing, and eliminating impurities on the skin, including redness as well as inflammation. It is based on a wireless connection, and therefore, it is compatible with both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Moreover, to maximize safety, the machine is on only when it is near your skin. This is to protect your eyes from eye strain if the light is directed at them. With nanotechnology, you can take advantage of the 36 LED lights included to maximize the values of the machine.

It is rechargeable, and as a result, it is super easy for you to use many times.

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Buying Guide

Before you make the buying decision, make sure that you have evaluated the following features of an LED light therapy machine.

LED light colors: a good light therapy machine includes various colors to serve different demands. The most common ones are red, blue, and green lights which can prevent the aging process from going too fast and eliminating bad skin conditions.

Compatibility: before getting a therapy machine, make sure that it is suitable for your skin type, especially if you have sensitive skin. Nevertheless, a good one works well for most common skin types, such as acne skin, dry skin, and oily skin.

Eye goggles: since light therapy is mostly used for the face area, it should include a layer of protection for the eyes in order to prevent eye strain. In this case, the protective eye goggles should be included.


In short, above are the top 9 best LED light therapy machines. The machine comes with too many good benefits for our skin, and the list is too long to indicate one by one. For the most common skin problems, such as aging, inflammation, and acne, this machine is effective for the treatment, and it is always willing to help you get rid of all of these problems.