Top 10 best Best Microwave Soup Mug Reviews in 2021 – Review and Guide

Let’s imagine on cold winter or spring days, we enjoy most of our spring or winter break at our home, watching TVs, reading books and magazines, chilling around in your bed watching Netflix. However, during those days we of course need something hot to spice up our body and make it warm due to the cold temperature. And of course, soup is the most popular dish of all time during spring and winter. People usually make them and put the leftovers inside the fridge and that is when the struggle comes.

In that condition, we only want a considerate amount for each serving for each of ourselves, therefore putting the hotpot to re-boil it on the stove won’t be a good choice. Therefore, we are introducing you to a product that will make your life way easier, working with soup. It is called a “Microwave Soup Mug”. For those who still haven’t got the idea of what it does, is that this is a kind of mug that is enduring and compatible to be in the microwave based on their material construction. Moreover, it can be used to put something else rather than just a soup. Today’s article will be going through the top 10 microwave soup mugs we found based on their features and our experiences in using them.

List of Top 10 Best Microwave Soup Mug Reviews in 2021

10. Regent Products Cup:

 Soup Bowl with Handle

Coming off to the very first product of the review, which is a microwave soup mug that is made Regent Product Cup. This model comes in 4 different colors for you to choose. Moreover, it also comes with a lock lid with the air ventilation on top to let the food inside breathe. On top of that, there is also a handler for you to hold it easily after this model is being sat in the microwave.

Not to mention that, the capacity of this model is up to 28OZ for you to hold a large bowl of soup that could fill up your stomach. In addition, the main made material of this model is made out of plastic but it is BPA free, which is enduring to heat, and the dish was safe too.

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9. Home-X:

Home-X - Microwave Soup

Here comes a set of 3 soup mugs that is also made out of plastic. However, this model is BPA free that works well in the microwave and dish washable too. Moreover, the capacity of Home-X’s soup mug is around 22OZ which is the right amount for the consumers to reheat it fast and easily.

On top of that, there is also a nice handle design and a secure snap locks lid to cover up the soup as well. Home-X comes with an easy cleaning design and versatile with any kind of temperature. (both hot and cold)

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8. Sistema:

 Sistema Set Of 3 Soup Mugs

Sistema is also another set of 3 mugs for you to choose as another option. This model is seemingly to be carefully constructed on both materials and the design- making it look standard. Additionally, the main made material of Sistema is made to be BPA free to stick around with any kind of temperature, even in the freezer or in the microwave.

This would be an ideal for different kinds of recipes such as soup, popcorn Mac and Cheese and spaghetti o etc. Just like the previous 2 models, Sistema also comes with secure clip locks to cover up the food with a 3 stages vent as well. Not to mention that, each mug contains 22.1OZ of capacity.

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7. Van Enjoy:

anEnjoy Big Capacity

If you feel unsafe using a propylene based mug, you can switch to a ceramic one. This model is highly suggested for those who are seeking for a cuter design and ceramic based main made material. Van Enjoy provided customers with a high-quality ceramic that is enduring to high temperature with no toxic chemicals provided. Moreover, it comes in 3 different colors cat patterns with a 24ounce of capacity for you to choose based on your preferences.

On top of that, Van Enjoy consists of an anti-scald handle that doesn’t burn your fingers when pulling it off from the microwave. Fill your nutritious reheat or reheat food in here for a better taste.

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6. Boston Warehouse:

Boston Warehouse Souper

Boston Warehouse is also another ceramic option for you to choose. However, this comes with only one-sided anti-scald huge handle along with a silicone lid with a vent. Moreover, this souper mug comes in a really cute cow pattern design and thick constructed ceramic material base.

Not to mention that, this model is dishwasher safe as well as enduring with an oven heat up to 375degrees and it consists of 22OZ of capacity.

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5. Tupperwave:

 Tupperware Medium Blue

Tupperwave is the perfect choice, if you are seeking for a solid blue color with a 16OZ of capacity. Moreover, the lid of this model is made out of silicone that is enduring to heat with a vent block to let the food breathe. On top of that, it is easy to clean and handle it with a large handle too.

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4. Zilpoo:

 Zilpoo 6 Pack

This model is an ideal pick for those who want to find a set of soup mugs that consists of 6 mugs in total. Moreover, Zilpoo comes with a plastic as a main material base as well as a vented lid to prevent it from splashing during the heating process. On top of that, it consists of 22OZ capacity with an easy carrying handle.

Zilpoo is considered to be great in multipurposes and great for lunch packs, picnics etc. The weight of this is light and easy for the users to carry it around.

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3. Prepsolutions:

 Prep Solutions by Progressive

Prepsolutions is one of the most kitchen appliances that is considered to be innovative and enhancing your lifestyle better with their design and ease of use. This model comes in a 5 piece set for you to get ready on the go to anywhere you want to easily. With this soup mug set, you can place delicious liquid food with no worries about leaking.

Moreover, the touch handle is designed to be cool and large enough for you to hold it after being heated. Prepsolutions come with the largest capacity so far up to 28OZ in total. Polypropylene is taken as the main made material along with the silicone for the lid as well.

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2. Corning Ware:

CorningWare 20-Ounce Meal

Corning Ware is another option for you to consider, if you are looking for a ceramic soup mug to place your favorite meal. It comes in 2 different colors for you to choose- blue and white the choice is all yours. Moreover, the capacity of this is 20OZ which is the right amount for heating your food easily.

There is also a vent lid provided for you to avoid splashing. Not to mention that, Corning Ware soup mug is carefully constructed to be microwavable, dishwashable and freezeable too. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

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1. GinkgoHome:

 Microwavable Ceramic

Last but not least, is another ceramic soup mug that comes with 8 different 8 leaf patterns for you to choose. GinkgoHome consists of 28OZ of capacity with a ceramic material that doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals along with a vent silicone lid too. The handle is large enough to hold and it is anti-scald as well.

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We’ve finally reached the end of this article. In conclusion, it is a really good idea for you guys to have lots of microwave soup mug in each of your houses. Not only it makes your life way easier, also it is safe, easy to use as well as it is compatible to put something else inside more than just a soup. It can be Mac and Cheese, mug cake and many more delicious and easy recipes for you to go with. I’m sure getting one of the microwave soup mugs above won’t be a disappointment for you guys.

Buying Guide:

We need to be really decisive before picking any products, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances. We must seek for the best one to ensure safeness and ease of using them. On the other hand, even after reading all of the reviews mentioned above, some of you are still considerate on what and which to choose.

Therefore, this additional article will guide you to anything and everything that you need to know in order to pick the best microwave soup mug based on a few bullet points:

  • Capacity: it is highly recommended to find at least 16OZ of soup mug.
  • Materials: it is preference to either choose polypropylene or ceramic.
  • Lid: it’s best to find a silicone lid with a vent on top. However, if the lid is not silicone, make sure to find the one with a clip lock to ensure tight-fit.
  • Handle: if you are using a ceramic soup mug, find the one that has an anti-scald handle, so that you won’t burn your fingers.