Top 10 Best Porch Potties in 2021 – Review and Guide

The dog is a man’s best friend. As a result, we all should take care of our dogs like family members. These pets like to play outdoor a lot. They are pets who can stay outdoor days and nights. Every dog owner knows this fact.

As a result, we should have good porch potties that resemblance outdoor grass ground to put inside our homes for our dogs. Dog owners can also place those porch potties outside the house so as for the men’s best friends to play and have fun whole day.

As a porch potty is fun and attractive to your best friends, there is no doubt to have one for your family member. Now, we are having the top ten best porch potties along with the porch potty reviews.

List of Top 10 Best Porch Potties in 2021

10. GrassLife

Grasslife Outdoor Thick Rug

Grass Life is a good porch potty for your favorite dogs. It is constructed with synthetic material that makes it long-lasting and resilient. A man’s best friend will enjoy GrassLife porch potty for years. Furthermore, the material is UV-resistant. That’s an additional advantage because it will not be burning hot for your dogs to play on the artificial grass porch potty. Plus, there is no lead or toxic material that harms your family members.

Furthermore, your favorite dogs find comforts with it as well. There are three patterns with it including the soft, the lush and the thatch that makes it like natural grass. That makes pets feel at ease wit themselves. Lastly, pet owners like many of us will find easy time to install it as all we need to do is rolling it for a particular space.

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9. HQ4us

 HQ4us Dog grass Large Dog

HQ4us porch potty is a porch potty for large-sized dogs. It has advanced absorption piece of tech that absorb instantly pee of your best friends’. While HQ4us porch potty doesn’t make any smells, the very bottom plastic holder doesn’t make urine spill over, and we all can always take it out and clean it.

Although, it is an artificial grass, it doesn’t make easy for your dogs who like to chew and bite things. It’s a very tough porch potty, on one hand. On the other hand, the artificial grass is very realistic and looks like natural grass. Both dogs and dog owners will like its performance. Your best friends will have great time with it without wanting to leave.

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8. ZGR

ZGR Artificial Garden Grass

ZGR can be your dogs’ favorite porch potty. It is made with PE material that makes good and comfortable touch to your friend dogs. Furthermore, ZGR has drained holes that keep things easy as water can literally run-off. What’s more, its back coating gets constructed with rubber latex that doesn’t do damages to the floor the porch potty is laying on.

For our peace, all of us will get ten-year warranty from the company. The porch potty, in fact, can last for 20 years that is a big duration for its performance. Additionally, it is both fire-resistant and UV-resistant. The product is waterproofed and have a natural look as well. These combine together make it almost an ideal porch potty you have ever found. All of us can use it both for indoor and outdoor.

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7. Paradise Group

 Indoor Puppy Dog Pet Potty

Dogs find favorite with Paradise Group porch potty with some of the following reasons. It is a medium-sized porch potty for average-sized dogs. Additionally, it has a urine drawer for your dog best friends. Thus, the surface of it is very well-drained. Pet owners can just replace the tray holder anytime. Besides, you can clean the tray so as not to make bad odor that doesn’t even happen. That’s because of the speedily drained surface as mentioned.

Additionally, Paradise Group is weatherproofed. Pet owners and dogs themselves will find it beneficial and fun porch potty for both outdoor and indoor activities as well.

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6. BringerPet

 BringerPet Indoor Puppy Dog

Your pet dogs will find BringerPet comfortable and long uses. The product is made with premium material that includes soft cushion and lush so as to make comfortable touch to pet dogs. Additionally, BringerPet is made with synthetic material that makes it look like real grass. As it is exactly like a real glass, dogs which like to play outdoor will find very favorite with it.

Moreover, the three layers make perfect combination. The top layer is made with grass pad for dogs’ excitement. The second layer is a draining grate so as for dogs’ urine dropping while the last tray is for collecting urine and cleaning up.

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5. Potty Patch

Silver Paw Potty Patch Dog

Pet owners will find Potty Patch easy to clean. Furthermore, there is no a big requirement for us as users to clean much. We all just wash it with dish soap. Additionally, the top surface is made with grass that makes it easy and comfortable for your pets as real grass.

What’s more, the grass surface makes it feel fresh every time for your dogs. Pets will like it very much because of the said qualities.

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4. DownTown

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pee

Pets will like DowTown porch potty lightweight and easy to use for your favorite dogs. Additionally, there is no odor. Furthermore, there is no toxic that can harm health of your favorite pets’. Plus, the artificial grass is so soft that your favorite pets will find lovely with it.

On the surface, there is an artificial grass layer. On the bottom, there is a tray that dogs’ urine drops down that we as users can clean and clear it.

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3. Unknown

 Unknown Puppy Pet

You and pet dogs find Unknown lovely for some reasons. It’s a very flexible porch potty that can get placed everywhere including roof, balcony, garden, lawn and more. As a result, we should choose the right place where our dogs like to play and have fun. Furthermore, it is made with monofilament fibers that make it look like real grass.

Moreover, the product is backed with rubber. The grass surface has drainage holes for the tray to collect. We all should expect to clean the tray at the bottom.

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2. Porch Potty

Porch Potty Premium

Porch Potty 2 is an excellent porch potty. It is an exact porch potty that is made with synthetic grass so as to make it realistic like a layer of grass, on one hand. On the other hand, it features a rinse system so as to let dry up the artificial grass surface.

What’s more, it does not make odor with the surfaced grass. The product includes a user manual that all of us as dog owners should read so as to take good care for long uses of it.

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 PetSafe Pet Loo Portable

PetSafe is good because it doesn’t make odor even if your pet dogs are making a lot of mess. Furthermore, there is a sponge powder inside the layer so as to turn dogs’ urine into gel for later disposing. Additionally, it’s good if you have dog breeding such as Boxer, Husky, Australian Shepard, etc.

Plus, the product is good for small spaces such as patios and apartments. We as users will find lovely with PetSafe whenever we can see our pet dogs are having fun with their new porch potty.

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Buying Guide

Realistic Grass: Realistic or unrealistic grass makes or breaks a porch potty for dogs. There are some reasons for this statement. Dogs often like to play outdoor. Even if you put a porch potty for dogs indoor, it should be like real grass so that our dogs will not get bored with it. Realistic grass is still an artificial grass layer that is made with synthetic material.

Effective Tray: The tray should collect dogs’ urine easily and doesn’t make leakage of the pets’ urines. Pet owners should get comfortable to take out the tray, clean with water and soap for long uses.

Odorless: Quality products should turn your dogs’ pee and poo not into bad odor that turns sour the surrounding environment. Additionally, dogs will not find comfort in those porch potties for dogs that make bad odors. Good odor or bad odor comes down to the layers that can absorb urines without leaks of odor on one hand. On the other hand, it’s about whether the artificial grass layer gets dried up fast or not as a porch potty with drain.


Dogs like to play outdoor a lot. They are our best friends. Thus, as their best friends, we should take good cares of them by giving them a lot of opportunities to play outside and outdoor.

Sometimes, dogs can run away. As a result, having a porch potty for dogs is good as it resembles real grass outdoor environment. Pet owners can also place those porch potties for dogs outdoor because sometimes our backyards just don’t have grasses.

A good porch potty should have realistic grass that is made with synthetic fibers, on one hand. On the other hand, there should be an effective tray to collect and clear out urine. Lastly, it should not make any odors. There can be more qualities, but these are the very basic to make or break a porch potty for our best friends in the porch potty reviews.