Best PS4 Thumbstick Grips – [Gamers’ Guide]

Are you using a PS4? If so, you must want a thumbstick grip for your gaming controller now in order to maximize the performance of your game. Luckily, after we have spent hours and hours on the research, we have found the top 9 best PS4 thumbstick grips. We hope that our reviews can help you find the ideal thumbstick grip for your personal gaming collection.

List Of Top 9 Best PS4 Thumbstick Grips in 2020

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9. 6amLifestyle

6amLifestyle 10 PCS

Let’s start by having a peek at the first PS4 thumbstick grip from 6amLifestyle. This is a professional thumb grip with an adjustable height. With this feature, you can have the best control on the FPS gaming system. It makes the gaming experience much better and more reliable. The thumb grip is built of soft silicone, and it brings a soft touch to make you feel comfortable as always.

It is very easy to install which needs only 30 seconds to get the setup done. The grip is suitable for various controller models, including PS4, Wii U, Switch Pro and Xbox. This universal compatibility maximizes the values of the thumb grip. Moreover, it has a 6-month refund warranty and lifetime customer service to guarantee you the best peace of mind.

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8. Senfer

 5 Pairs Replacement Analog

There are 5 color options for this thumbstick grip from Senfer. These colors include black, blue, pink, purple and red. It features universal compatibility, and it is responsible for replacing the old analog stick. It is compatible with PS4 and Xbox controllers. The best thing that makes it stand out is the operation button that comes with a unique and stylish design.

The quality is also reliable. This is because it is made of ABS material, and this material type is resistant to tearing and wearing. There is no need of any modification, and it still brings a great fit. For the installation, it is in need of internal fitting, and therefore, the controller is in need of opening for the installation. However, it is still easy and simple if you follow the instruction manual strictly.

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7. KontrolFreek

KontrolFreek Borderlands

KontrolFreek designs this thumbstick to maximize its performance with PS4 and other controller models. There are a variety of reasons for you to choose this piece of thumbstick grip. It is designed as an advanced grip during the gameplay. It largely enhances the control over the distance and agility of the gaming system. Moreover, the grip is precise and accurate at the same time.

The height design is a mid-rise style. This design is popular for the maximum amount of control and comfort at the same time. It is suitable for shootings in short or mid ranges. It is also compatible with a fast and fluid movement for a more flexible gaming experience. This grip is suitable for the application in Borderlands 3.

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6. Friends

26 Pieces Replacement

In this set of thumbstick grip from Friends, there are 26 pieces of thumbstick grip. The grips come in 13 different colors, and there are 2 different styles in the set. One style is a circular pattern, while the other is designed using a cat paw pattern. Both of them are beautiful and eye-catching. Nevertheless, the grip is made of premium silicone, which brings a soft and comfortable touch.

It is also non-toxic for daily exposure. It is extremely durable, and it is not so easy to break even if it faces the toughest use on a daily basis. The cap of the thumbstick features a non-slip design, preventing the slips and slides from the controller. This largely enhances the quality of precision and sensitivity. It is really practical as it is compatible with PS2, PS3, PS4, and many other models.

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5. carocheri

 carocheri 4 Pairs 8 Pcs

carocheri provides us with one of the best PS4 thumbstick grips. This thumbstick grip is compatible with a wide range of models, which include PS3, PS4 and Xbox 36-. It is ideal for many game controllers as long as you wish to integrate it as part of your gaming system.

Another great thing about this thumbstick grip is that it features a silicone cap. The silicone cap is protective and supportive thanks to its non-slip design. There is also a rubber wear to prevent the thumbstick from wearing and tearing. Moreover, it can also protect your nails from leaving scratches on the caps that might damage them.

There are also 3 cushion thumb grips in this set, and they are made to make the thumb rest some time during the game to prevent hand fatigue.

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SUBANG 16 Pieces Silicone

This set of PS4 thumbstick grips includes 16 pieces of joystick caps. They are all made of silicone, and they give a super soft touch. This enables you to have better control over the buttons. The skull design is dedicated to bringing a cooler and more attractive look to the switch.

In terms of the installation, it is very easy and simple. Users only need to turn the cap in order to put it on the thumbstick. It works well for multiple game controller models, which include PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox 1. It is protective for both of your hands and the thumbstick to prevent it from getting scratches and dust due to any unexpected accidents.

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3. Pandaren

Pandaren PS4 Controller

Moving onto the next thumbstick grip from Pandaren, it is designed ideally for PS4 controller. It is made of silicone, and it features a super fit. It is suitable for both slim and pro models for PS4. The design of this thumbstick grip is to make the grip more comfortable and fit. The silicone material makes it durable and comfortable at the same time. The slipping problem also never happens.

This thumbstick grip is dedicated to protecting the controller from all kinds of damages, including scratches and shocks. When it comes to the FPS gaming time, this thumbstick grip can help enhance the experience since it introduces more precision and accuracy to the gaming controls. This is the reason why it is loved by hundreds and thousands of users around the globe.

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2. KontrolFreek

KontrolFreek FPS Freek

Here comes another PS4 thumbstick grip from KontrolFreek. This thumbstick grip is designed for increased accuracy in the gaming control process. It is designed for faster speed and better control due to more precision in the design. The grip design is also outstanding as it is non-slip, and it requires less force for the control. This can reduce fatigue in the wrist and hand area.

The thumbstick grip design is also suitable for mid-rise control. It makes the controls over the movement better and more efficient. It even adds an additional 6.5mm of nominal height to the control. Thanks to the outstanding design and maximized comfort, it is suitable for all games on the list.

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1. KontrolFreek

KontrolFreek FPS Freek

Last but not least, the list won’t be complete without this PS4 thumbstick grip from KontrolFreek. The thumbstick grip brings an additional height of 9.9mm to enhance the arc length in order to promote more precision in the gaming movement. This brings a much quicker target acquisition to enhance your gaming experience.

The design is superior and outstanding because it is in need of lower force in the control. It can minimize the fatigue and pain that could happen in the wrist, thumb and hand areas. It even includes a spiral pattern that is flexible and adaptable to the pressure that you apply on the controller. This product can prevent your hands and thumbs from slipping off the controller as well.

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Buying Guide

In order to find the best fit for your game controller, we would like to recommend you with some buying advice that is compiled below.

Models: before you choose a thumbstick grip, you have to first look at the model of your gaming controller. Some thumbstick grips have a universal compatibility, while others are only suitable for one model. However, you can find most of the thumbstick grips nowadays suitable for various models, such as PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360.

Material: silicone is the most popular material nowadays when people talk about a thumbstick grip. This is because it is durable and comfortable. It brings a soft touch to our hands while it promotes both sensitivity and precision. It is even protective for the controller to escape scratches and dust.

Hand fatigue: a premium thumbstick grip will never make our hands, thumbs and wrists painful and fatigue. This is because many people play games for many hours. If it makes the hands feel uncomfortable, it will directly affect the gaming performance.


We have just delved into the top 9 best PS4 thumbstick grips and their features. If you are still not sure about which one you like the most, we suggest that you should spend more time on the research because it directly affects the performance of your game.