TOP 10 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

Some people raise pets such as cats and dogs. Nonetheless, many of us raise rabbits as our pets because rabbits have their lovely spots. Just like raising dogs and cats, raising rabbits properly requires to take good cares of them. That includes giving them healthy and enough food and fresh water.

For the food part, rabbits can make even more messes than pets such as dogs and cats. As a result, a rabbit hey feeder is needed so as to manage all the mess. Quality rabbit hay feeder makes your pets easy to eat and have meal with those fresh grasses. Furthermore, it keeps you at ease to put rabbits’ food in the hey feeder. Now, we are having the ten best rabbit hay feeders with a buying guide.

List Top 10 Best Rabbit Hay Feeders in 2021

10. CalPalMy


Your pets will like CalPalMy because it is constructed with premium material that is BPA-free and non-toxic to your rabbits. What’s more, it’s easy to install it. All you need to do is screwing it and mounting the rabbit hay feeder anywhere your pets like to have their meals.

Additionally, it is very easy to put those grasses in it as pet owners just need to open it up the mess layer to keep those grasses not falling around. With it, your beloved pet rabbits will not mix those grasses with poops and other messes your lovely pets might create for its nature.

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9. TFWadMx

Tfwadmx Bunny Food

TFWadMx is an excellent rabbit hay feeder. It helps to keep those rabbits’ cages clean as pet owners like all of us don’t mix up their foods and their living spaces. Furthermore, the hay feeder helps to keep clean and dry grasses for your rabbits.

Additionally, there are two layers with it. The first layer with iron mesh is to keep grass. There is a bottom storage for water or industrial foods for your lovely rabbits. There is a water bottle for your pet rabbits as well for a capacity of 250ml. The product is non-toxic to your rabbits. They cannot chew the hay feeder as well which is good because it is natural habit of some rabbits to chew anything in front of themselves.

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8. Wontee

 Rabbit Hay Feeder Rack

Wontee is a wooden rabbit hay feeder. Guessing whether your rabbits will like it will always be correct because those rabbits are going to find favorite in Wontee. The hay feeder is made with natural wood. First, it has no harmful affects on your pet rabbits. Second, your rabbits will find the hay feeder for years to come. Pet owners can raise a few generations of rabbits with it literally.

Plus, the interior design keeps things easy for rabbits to eat those grasses. What’s more, pet owners can hang it and attach it to some particular places with fixing screws. Because a rabbit hay feeder is supposed to be in a rabbit cage, it helps to keep cages of your rabbits’ clean and neat.

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7. Okared

Okared 2 in 1 Feeder Bowls

Okared is an excellent rabbit hay feeder. It’s very easy for rabbit owners to install. Not only the product is easy to install, it’s also easy to clean and make neat the rabbit hay feeder as well. There are two containers within Okared. The top with iron mesh is for grasses while the bottom storage can be for either water or industrial food.

Additionally, it is made with top-graded PP plastic that is BPA-free and non-toxic to rabbits and other pets. In fact, pet owners can have it for other pets beside rabbits. Those pets include guinea pigs and chinchillas. Nonetheless, the product has a special design for rabbits, so it might not be very functional for other breeding of pets.

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6. PopeTop

 POPETPOP Rabbit Hay

Rabbit owners will like PopeTop. It is made with high-quality plastic. Rabbits will not chew it because it’s very solid. It’s safe as there is no toxic material in the manufacturing that can have harmful affects on the health of your rabbits’.

The product is, in addition, easy to install as it requires no tool. There is a screw mount that is already a part of the collection. It takes no more than 30 seconds for the whole installment to top and mount it in your rabbits’ cages. It’s especially for rabbits but other pets such as galesaur, chinchillas and more might find favorite with PopeTop rabbit hay feeder as well.

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5. Small Pet

Small Pet Select Hand

Small Pet is a wooden rabbit hay feeder. There are two sizes with it including small and large. Pet owners should choose the large rabbit hay feeder in case you are raising many rabbits. The installment of it is easy. It doesn’t require any screws or nails. There is a rope that you can tie to the cage.

What’s more, it weighs 4 pounds that is a solid weight. Addition to the wooden material, the product will last for years of uses.

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4. Amakunft

Amakunft Guinea Pigs

Amakunft is a lovely rabbit hay feeder. It’s a lovely hay feeder because it keeps separate rabbits’ food and their poop/urine. Furthermore, the spring design along with it makes things easy to attach it to rabbit cages.

In addition, it is constructed with premium metal and plastic. There is a thing with the materials. They don’t harm your pets. Another thing is that it makes the rabbit hay feeder durable.

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3. Winni


Winni is a unique rabbit hay feeder on its owns. First, it can store a lot of foods such as grasses for your pet rabbits. Second, pet owners don’t need to attach it to anything as it stands on its own very stable. Its design is like a sphere that is good as it doesn’t require any attachments or installments to rabbit cages.

Pets will roll in on and on for eating inside their cages. As it has a rolling design, it keeps things clean as the mess will just drop down from the hay feeder. All pet owners like us need to do is just to routinely clean their cages.

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2. Kathson

Kathson has two sections for your pet rabbits. The top section is for grasses while the bottom section is for industrial food. It is made with wood. First, it does not require any installments. Second, rabbits will use it for a few generations because it is wooden rabbit hay feeder.

Additionally, the product design is excellent that there is no mess. There is a clear separation between grasses food and industrial foods. Your rabbits cannot just mess up the hay feeder. As it weighs around one pound, pet owners should place it at the corner of rabbit cage so that your pet rabbits cannot push it forward.

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1. AndWe


andwe Hay Feeder

Rabbits and some other small pets can find favorite in AndWe. Rabbits will have grass meal directly from it. The rabbit hay feeder just stands tall with wooden mesh to not let those pets mess the food around and outside the rabbit hay feeder.

Furthermore, it is made with woods. You can use it for years as a hay feeder for your rabbits. Besides, it can contain a large volume of grass food for your rabbits as well.

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Buying Guide: How do you make a rabbit hay feeder?

In order to make or buy a rabbit hay feeder you should consider the followings:

Construction Material: Some rabbit cage hay feeders are made with plastic. Many of the mentioned rabbit hay feeders are constructed with woods. Whether it is premium plastic or wood, the important point is whether the construction materials will harm our rabbits or not. Besides, it’s about whether those materials can stay for longs for your rabbits’ uses or not.

Product Design: Excellent rabbit hay feeder and litter tray makes things easy for pet rabbits to have their meals including grasses, water and industrial food. What’s more, it doesn’t create mess as pets such as rabbits can easily make mess. Additionally, the hay feeder should be easy to clean and put food inside.

Installments: Some of the mentioned products require easy installments. Many of the mentioned products don’t need any installments at all. The point is to avoid pet rabbits to create mess and destroy or chew those rabbit hay feeders. As a matter of fact, you need to screw or place the rabbit hay feeder at the right places to avoid those troubles.


Having a cage is not enough for your rabbits. We as pet owners should not place their foods such as grasses and water here and there. It can mess up with their poops/urines and sleeping or playing spaces easily. Rabbits are lovely pets, but they are also messy pets.

Therefore, we should manage them well by giving them good rabbit hay feeders. A quality hay feeder should be made with premium material that is non-toxic to pets. It should also be durable.

The product should be flexible for your rabbits while installments don’t take much effort from us. All in all, everything needs to get a balance in a rabbit hay feeder. As a result, please pay attentions to the product buying guide and other personal considerations you have. You can also choose a rabbit hay feeder with litter box as well.