Top 10 Best Smart Colorful Light Bulbs in 2021 – Review and Guide

A light bulb is supposed to perform its very function that is being a light bulb.

However, many people including us want to play with light bulbs. In the present time, we can use light bulbs with colors so as to decorate our homes. Some among us are doing vlogs that they want colorful lightbulbs as background. Other than that, many just want to play out one colorful lightbulb or another and test new product.

No matter what those purposes are, there are different colorful lightbulbs available in the market. Without further due, we are presenting all of us here the ten best smart and colorful lightbulbs in 2021 along with a product buying guide. Feel free to make a judgement based on your opinions as well.

List of Top 10 Best Smart Colorful Light Bulbs in 2021

10. Kobra


Kobra LED Color Changing

Kobra makes a combo for a colorful light bulb. While there come four choices ranging from single to eight colorful light bulbs in a pack, there are several other reasons that make Kobra one of the most exceptional colorful light bulbs in the industry. First, it has a remote control that you can set up room colors and modes of the light bulb with its remote control. On the other side of the aisle, it makes great decoration for ambient evening. Other than that, the colorful lightbulb makes amazing night lights of children.

Besides, there are 16 colors that it can play out. On the other hand, users can also choose four different lighting modes with it as well. Since it’s a light bulb, there is a satisfaction-free warranty that we all can apply for refunds when the light bulb just doesn’t work out. It’s of course often expected in the lightbulb industry that one lightbulb or another just doesn’t work because it just doesn’t.

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9. Lumiman


Smart WiFi Light Bulb

Lumiman makes an excellent colorful light bulb. There is a thing or two with it. The lightbulb is Alexa-enabled. Thus, you can voice control. More special, users can use it with Google Home as well. In case a voice control is not enough, there is a remote control for you as well.

Furthermore, the colorful lightbulb plays out colors with dimmable mode that makes an amazing night out in case you are planning out a date at home. Additionally, it can be used to decorate your bedroom, living room and kitchen as well. While it isn’t often expected in a kitchen room, it’s excellent with party, bar and café. Users will get excellent customer service offered by the company. The mart colorful changing light bulb that works with Google home includes a two-year warranty as well, lastly. That gives you a peace of mind.

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8. Govee

Govee Color Changing Light

Govee is one of the best colorful lightbulbs. There are some reasons. First, it can play out 16 different colors. Furthermore, the warm light is good for garage, hallway, party, stage and home. It is just adaptable to its environment. Moreover, Govee colorful lightbulb features a remote control which users can control the lightbulb setting from a distance.

What’s more, the lightbulb can play out four different lighting modes. These are all the options we all can choose from a remote control. Its installation doesn’t require any tool. Lastly, a lightbulb weight 6.4 ounces.

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7. JandCase

JandCase E12 Candelabra

JandCase is a jade to a lightbulb industry. It plays out 17 colors, on one hand. On the other hand, it features two lighting modes with it be it for party or for a romantic moment. That’s an amazing switch from one mode to another. Furthermore, users can set timing with it as well.

JandCase has a memory function that once you switch off the light bulb and turn it on again, the blub plays out the same mode of the last time we all turn it off. Besides, the warm white lighting makes great for a home decoration as well. It weighs 4.8 ounces.

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6. Sylvania


Sylvania Smart

Voice control is possible with Sylvania. That means a control on the colorful lightbulb’s setting with your voice. Therefore, the product is superb high-tech as it is both Google Home-enabled and Alexa-enabled. Other than that, users can pair it with other types of lightbulbs as well.

Moreover, there are varied modes of lightings we all can choose from Sylvania. Lastly, the product just saves your energy. It consumes 80% the lesser energy than ordinary lightbulb. As a result, it is an environmental-friendly bulb with a 11-watt power.

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5. Berennis

BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb

Berennis makes or breaks the colorful lightbulb industry. It contributes to make the colorful lightbulb industry for varied reasons. The lifespan of smart color changing lights bulb is 20,000 hours that is a very long hours of uses. Furthermore, unlike some conventional lightbulbs, Berennis saves energy up to 80% of the ordinary one.

While it comes with million of colors changing from time to time, those colors are all dimmable that makes the lightbulb a good decoration bulb for your household. On the other side of the aisle, there is a smart system that you can control the bulb by a mobile app on your smartphones. The app works well with both iOS and Android operating system. It is an Alexa-enabled tagging along Google Home as well. Users will receive a one-year warranty for saving us from production defects. These features are too many to even count, to be exact.

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4. Texsens


Texsens makes up a 50-watt multi-colored lightbulb. It is a Bluetooth-connected lightbulb. As a result, the mode of it depends on the types of music you are playing. Moreover, users can use a remote control to control the light belonged to Texsens colorful lightbulb.

We all can change light volume of its. Furthermore, it is applicable with a common household voltage standard of 120 volts. Lastly, the lightbulb weighs 8 ounces in a total.

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3. LE

Alexa Smart Light Bulb

LE lightbulb has a voice control system that you can change a setting with a voice command. That also makes LE one of only a few Alexa-enabled colorful lightbulbs. What’s more, the light mode belonged to it is dimming that more makes a romantic environment. That mode is good and recommended for your bedroom.

You can remote-control the settings with a mobile app as the lightbulb is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity as well. The warm white light is good. There is a timer that users can set as well. Lastly, it weighs 8 ounces.

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2. Aigital

 Aigital Smart Light Bulb

We will like Aigital colorful lightbulb. Even though, it comes as a single lightbulb in its own collection; users like us can control the lightbulb through a mobile app. That’s very convenient as the company that is offering the lightbulb gives a QR code for all of us to download its app for a remote control. Additionally, you can command those settings belonged to Aigital with voices as well.

Besides, it features a schedule timing for how long you want to set the lightbulb into its mode. Users will receive a one-year service free from the company. That’s a deal. Another deal is that it weighs 10.6 ounces.

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1. ILC

LED Light Bulbs 40 Watt

ILC colorful lightbulb collections comes in four lightbulbs. Each lightbulb has 12 colors while there are three brightness levels we all can choose and adjust. Furthermore, we can choose two lighting modes with it as well. Additionally, the lighting modes comes with authentic and interesting rhythm that many of us can find favorite with it.

Users can apply for refunds within a three-month period for that the lightbulbs or any one of them just don’t or doesn’t work. There are two-year warranties for every buyer as well. Lastly, each lightbulb weighs 14.1 ounces.

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Buying Guide

Lighting Colors: Some products have only around ten lighting colors while some other have millions. It’s not one that is better than another. All is a matter of preferences. Thus, we all can choose our preferences.

Light Mode: Lighting modes are matters of preferences, on one hand. On the other hand, it depends on where you place the lightbulbs whether it is a party or just casual decoration at your bedroom. Modes in the environment are very essential in lightbulb modes.

Voice Control or Remote Control: Whether it is a voice control or remote control, it comes down to whether all of us can change settings belonged to the lightbulbs from a distance or not.


A colorful lightbulb can make a good decoration for your pubs, cafes, shops and bedrooms. We recommend you get many different lights and colorful lightbulbs to make the whole magic work.

While choosing a colorful lightbulb, you can take into a consideration features such as lighting colors, lighting modes, and voice control/remote control beside other qualities such as energy saving, etc. That makes or breaks a colorful lightbulb.

All in all, a lightbulb is a cool thing to play with. We all can decorate our room or play out smart at new pubs we are just opening with those smart colors changing light bulbs.

In conclusion, kindly suggest us new ideas for other products shall you want us to review over other products. Thank you.