Top 10 Best Smart Notebooks in 2021 – Review and Guide

Technology has been developing and new devices are being created to make our life easier every day. This article lists down the 7 best smart notebooks available for you. Through each description, you will know about the specifics of these notebooks in terms of their size, pages, items included and the digital properties that distinguish each of them.

At the end of the article, a buying guide is included to help buyers choose the best smart notebooks that matches their needs.

List of Top 7 Best Smart Notebooks in 2021

Which smart notebook is best?

Below is top 7 best smart notebooks in 2021:

7. Moleskine Paper Tablet

Moleskine Paper Tablet Hard

This versatile smart book is popular amongst writers, travelers, students, artists, and professionals amongst others as it is very practical and convenient for use. The notebook measures 7.5″ x 9.75″. Grab your smart notebook and pen, and start notetaking, drawing or sketching like you never did before. The notebook includes a smart writing set that uses Ncoded technology which is incorporated in each page. This feature allows the smart writing set pen+ to transfer instantly all freehand writings from page to screen. Additionally, writers can share all freehand notes to their devices by using Bluetooth for smooth integration to the cloud. Moleskine is a brand that rhymes with quality.

In addition to that, the notebook collection has been extended for more interesting elements. It now includes a variety of layouts, textures, colors sizes and even flexible covers. As such, everyone has a greater choice to pick the perfect notebook to their own unique taste.

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6. EVO Planner Daily Journal

You are interested in knowing how a smart notebook works ? Looking for a smart notebook that serves more than its basic purpose and can serve as a life dashboard ? The EVO Planner is what you need. This notebook is the world’s first flow and productivity system that is supported by a customized planner and intelligent mobile app. The device is the result of more than ten years of research and development in cognitive psychology. The notebook has a built-in mobile app with scanning features that record your progress on a daily and weekly agenda basis.

In order to stimulate your brain and enhance your cognitive abilities, the notebook has copper-gilded pages and a full-color agenda. In addition to that, it is made of eco-friendly materials. It can be easily carried around and will encourage balance in your life. It is no wonder that the EVO planner daily journal has been adopted by individuals such as architects, businesspersons, students, artists, as well as parents for handling household matters.

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5. HOMESTEC Reusable Smart Notebook

HOMESTEC Reusable Smart

The HOMESTEC notebook is a smart one that is reusable. If you are using an erasable pen, you can use your pen tip to clean up your writings. An interesting feature of that smart notebook is that you can use a hot hair dryer to clean up what you have written. It is a perfect notebook for writing, taking notes or sketching. It has a dimension of 22.1cm x 28.5cm making it perfect for anyone; from teachers, writers, artists to architects. We are in 2021 and we all care for the environment; the notebook has a smart cloud storage function. Download Camscanner or NEWYES NOTE app on your mobile device and transfer all your writings or drawings from your notebook to the iCloud, Box, OneNote, Evernote and other destinations via PDF or JPG form.

With all these features, the 40-page reusable ruled notebook can be reused for over 500 times. In addition to that, the notebook includes 2 erasable pens and a set of label tapes as complimentary gifts?

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4. Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

Moleskine has never failed with its products. This Evernote notebook allows easy sketching, drawing and writing with its ergonomic features. The notebook has a hardcover that allows comfortable writing even when you are standing. Similarly, it has rounded corners, an elastic band for keeping it securely closed and allows a 180° lie-flat opening. With its “Evernote ruled” and “Evernote squared” page styles, your digitally scanned images are of clearer quality. For more convenience and smooth transfer of your writings, download the Evernote Page Camera which is available for both Android and iOS.

The notebook includes smart sticker icons that are easily saved and searched  to keep your works organized. You will definitely love how easy and pleasant you can take notes manually and transform them in digital form !

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3. NEWYES Reusable Planner Notebook

Here is a smart notebook that will be your personal organizer for years ! This personal planner notebook is reusable. You will be saving paper and helping the environment as you will not have to buy new planners. Use erasable pens for your writings so that you can easily clean up later; you can use a pen eraser to erase your contents. It is perfect for daily planning ; with a 104-page planner, you can easily and effectively set your goals by identification and prioritization. There are 4 extra pages at the end that you can use to write your passwords or other essential information.

Having dimensions of 9.06 x 6.02 x 0.75 inches, it offers the perfect size for daily planning, journaling and note taking. You can use tabs to identify important sections. In addition to all that, you can easily share your writings to Google Drive, Evernote, OneNote or simply to email.

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2. ButterflyBoard2 Whiteboard Notebook

This ButterflyBoard2 Whiteboard Notebook is a little piece of revolution. We all like how easy it is to write on a whiteboard. The ButterflyBoard2 is a whiteboard notebook. It is very convenient for thinkers, doers and problem solvers that scribble quickly. For instance, if you are attempting to solve a math problem, the ButterflyBoard2 Whiteboard Notebook is convenient as you can write and erase easily in a matter of seconds.

In addition to that, it is a reusable notebook, with 8-whiteboard pages and 4-clearboard pages, that means that you can use it over and over again. It has been designed for those who need an optimized workflow so that they can write, scan the page and reuse the same sheet again. For a more efficient and smooth experience, you can easily save this digitally and share it anywhere as well as anytime.

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1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

 Rocketbook Smart Reusable

A notebook that ticks all criteria as an efficient, environmental-friendly and convenient one. With the Rocketbook Smart Reusable notebook, there is no more wasting of paper by buying new notebooks when your current one is over. This amazing notebook has 36 pages that are dotted grid. Users have described it as “simple” and “easy-to-use”. It includes a sophisticated AI technology that allows users to use smart titles, email transcription and smart search for easily tracing and naming notes. You can scan your notes perfectly as the page design ensures that the scanning captures all colors, exposes red lighting and allows cropping and adjusting.

You also have the option of sending your handwritten seamlessly to regular cloud services such as Google Drive, Evernote, Box, Slack, iCloud and OneNote. To fully optimize your workflow, download the free Rocketbook Notebook app that is available on iOS and Androids. The overall set includes one pilot frixion pen, one microfiber cloth and the Rocketbook Core (previously known as Everlast) Notebook.

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Buying Guides:

Before making decision to buy the smart notebooks, you should consider the guideline below in order to get the best notebooks that fit with your need.

Knowing about the size of the notebook is important. If you will be using the notebook for note taking while on the go or carry the notebook a lot, one which is not very big will be more appropriate.

Digitalization of notes

This factor is essential when it comes to sharing your handwritten notes to online sources. You need to know how easy it is to transfer your work to cloud services such as iCloud or Google Drive. For instance, in some notebooks it is very easy to scan using your phone and send the scans online.

As we all want to save the environment and also on cost, it is preferable to choose to opt for a reusable notebook that allows you to erase your works and write over again. As such you save paper while not having to buy a new notebook.