TOP 10 Best Travel Pillow Blanket Combo Reviews – [Buyers’ Guide]

Are you looking forward to having a personal or business trip? If so, you need to have the best rest to ensure the quality of the trip. As a result, it is highly recommended for you to get a set of travel pillow blanket combo to always feel comfortable with your own personal items.

In the following section of the article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best travel pillow blanket combo sets for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Travel Pillow Blanket Combo in 2020

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10. ZIDELI Pillow with most comfortable blanket

 ZIDELI Travel Blanket

First of all, we have this inflatable travel pillow blanket set from ZIDELI. Users will never have to carry all the items again as they can be deflated and folded into a much smaller size and stored in a carrying bag. It comes with the dual valve system, making the inflation process easy and fast. It also features a compact design in order to suit the limited space in the luggage.

No matter you are going on a personal journey or business trip, this is a good choice to maximize the quality of the travel. It provides a lifetime warranty for this luxury travel pillow blanket set.

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9. MI Global Travel

6 Piece Premium Airplane

Next, we should take a look at another luxury travel pillow blanket set from MI Global Travel. There are 6 pieces in the set to serve your demand in all areas. It also provides a zippered bag where you can store all the items inside. The pillow prioritizes softness and storage convenience with an inflatable design. It can be folded to fit into the bag in a very fast operation.

Moreover, it also provides a pair of earplugs as well as an eye mask to help you have a more efficient rest or nap. It is suitable for both home and outdoor usage.

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8. Well Traveled small blanket

Well Traveled 2 in 1 Throw

Another choice for a good set of travel pillow and blanket is from Well Traveled. It serves a 2 in 1 function since it is suitable for both long flights and outdoor camping trips. It is compatible with people of all sizes, including seniors and children. This children’s travel pillow blanket set is foldable to make the storage and transportation convenient.

The pillows are made from microfiber, which is lightweight and friendly to our skin. In addition, the blanket design is dedicated to ensuring the best warmth in all settings, including airport and beach. Still, if there are any problems with the product, you can claim your money back without any risk included.

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7. World’s Best

 World's Best Pillow

World’s Best also offers one of the best travel pillow blanket sets. It is available in 2 color options, which are navy and charcoal. It is built from high-quality spandex, and it is made with a lightweight and compact body to make travel easy and convenient. The interior part of the pillow is also padded with a soft cushion to ensure the best comfort.

The blanket is washable after use. It is 100% safe with a washing machine, so users can save a lot of time from doing the washing after the trip.

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6. Chillensio

Chillensio Premium Travel

Moving onto the next travel pillow blanket combo from Chillensio, it claims to be the fullest travel set ever to serve you during a long-distance trip. However, it still fits perfectly into your suitcase without consuming much space. It is made from soft and lightweight materials, and it is suitable for both men and women who have problems with sleeping.

The blanket also comes in the perfect size to provide the best warmth. There is also an eye mask included in this set in case you are not getting used to sleeping with the light on. With a lifetime warranty, users can fully depend on this set in the long run.

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5. Proglobe

Proglobe Travel Blanket

In this set of travel blanket and pillow combo from Proglobe, there are 4 items inside. This set is designed for you to have a peaceful sleep even if you are not staying at your own home. The blanket is made from polar fleece, and it is suitable for all transportation methods, including airplanes, buses, and trains. Still, it includes a carrying bag to make transportation convenient.

An eye mask is also included. The eye mask is designed especially for you to have a rest on the bus or plane. It is responsible for preventing all the lighting to distract you from sleep. Moreover, the earplugs are also presented to eliminate all the noise.

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4. Aurora Supply Co.

Aurora Luxury Travel

What about this Aurora travel pillow and blanket combo set? All the items are made from micro plush, and they are extremely soft and durable for long term usage. The blanket is made with 2 layers of GSM, so that users can always enjoy the warmth no matter what weather condition. This makes it ideal for both train and bus ride.

Another outstanding design of this set is that the pillow includes a secret pocket. This is where you keep your personal belongings with the best safety when you are falling asleep. The items are also washable with a machine, and it always stays new even after being used for many years.

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3. Elsmore International Marketing

Travel Blanket Airplane

For this travel pillow blanket set from Elsmore, it is available at an affordable price. However, it is constructed of the most premium quality carden wool. This makes it a luxury set for every flight you have. It also includes an eye mask in the package, and this makes it very desirable when it comes to outdoor usage.

In addition, the blanket is dedicated to cover your whole body to prevent you from catching a cold. They are also very easy to pack and store in the carrying case, and they make you get ready to go as fast as possible.

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2. EverSnug best travel blanket

 EverSnug Travel Blanket

This travel blanket pillow set from EverSnug is also worth taking into consideration. This pillow set is also made from micro plush, which is both soft and lush at the same time. It offers you a warm and cozy feeling while having it to accompany you. There is a carrying case included, and you can take advantage of it by using it as a storage case for travel purposes.

The carrying bag also comes with a hand belt that you can attach to the luggage to make it easy and convenient for transportation. Also, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns with EverSnug.

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1. PAVILIA Lightweight Blanket

PAVILIA Travel Blanket

Last but not least, we should not forget this travel pillow blanket combo from PAVILIA. It serves a 2-in-1 function to provide you with both comfort and warmth. With a compact and portable size, it is very easy for carrying outdoors. The pillow set is made from GSM polyester, which is responsible for your best comfort.

It is also built-in with a buckle, and this is detachable when you do not need it. However, it is for the attachment of the blanket to your luggage or suitcase. In addition, the pillowcase comes with zipper design which you can also use as a hand warmer while traveling.

After using, you can rely on the washing machine to do the cleanup for you without having to spend a lot of time and effort.

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Buying Guide

If you want to get a set of good quality travel pillow blanket combo, make sure to look for the 4 components below.

Pillow: the pillow should prioritize softness and durability. A good one is usually made from microfiber fabric. Also, to make it compact and convenient for traveling, many pillows come with an inflatable design.

Blanket: the blanket should make you feel warm and cozy while using. Often, it is machine washable after use to save you a lot of time from doing the cleaning.

Eye mask: the eye mask is designed to give you a more peaceful rest. However, it should guarantee a good lighting protection function. This is to eliminate the distraction of the light when the sunlight is around.

Earplugs: a good travel pillow set also comes with earplugs. This is essentially mandatory because it is responsible for reducing the surrounding noise. Therefore, you can sleep more peacefully in your own silent world.


In short, above are the top 10 best travel pillow blanket combo sets. They are all compact and convenient for traveling since the design is dedicated to making your traveling experience better with higher quality. Make sure that you get a set before your departure to make your body comfortable as always.