Top 10 Best Watch Winders – [Review and Buying Guide]

Talking about watch winders, some people may not have any idea about what it is or why we need it. To begin with, a watch that we wear on our wrist is designed to be worn regularly, if not, that watch will stop working in a few days.

That is why we need a watch winder to automatically rotate our watches when we do not use it to make it work normally. Below is the list of top 10 best watch winders that you can own.

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List 0f Top 10 Best Selling Watch Winders in 2021

Bestseller No. 5
WOLF Unisex 461103 Wolf Cub Single Black Analog Display Watch Winder with Cover
1 winding module, glass cover and lock in cuff; Pre-programmed - 900 turns per day. Bi-directional setting
Bestseller No. 10
JQUEEN Automatic Quad Watch Winder with Double Quiet Mabuchi Motors
Powered with Japanese super silent motor no running noise. Nice looking, easy to operate.

Top 10 Best Auto Watch Winder Reviews

10. JINS&VICO automatic watch winder

Watch Winder, Piano

One of the top ratings watches winders that can contain 8 watches is the JINS&VICO model. It is exclusively made for people who own many watches. It is equipped with LED lighting and screen touching function, which you can customize the setting of each of the 8 winders to your desire. By having adaptable watch pillows, all of the winders can fit most watch models. Importantly, what makes this JINS&VICO model best are some functions such as; its ability to make us see our watches in the dark by using LED lighting, 3 spinning modes that can spin clockwise or anti-clockwise direction or both.

You can buy this watch winder as a gift for your friends, family or your loved ones because it is such a high-end product that satisfied many people (watch winder reviews) with its quality and its amazing customer service.

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9. CHIYODA Automatic Watch Winder Box

CHIYODA Automatic Double

Another top quality watch winder in our list is CHIYODA that has 2 motors and both motors are designed to work quietly and durably. It is said that this product has an exorbitant look and its pillow can fit many sizes of watches. This watch winder and storage itself is made by hands 100% and consists of 21 procedures which add more value to this watch winder model.

It takes the company with a minimum of 1 month to create the whole product. CHIYODA is one of the top ratings from watch owners as well and it can be bought as a memorable gift for everyone, especially, people who are obsessed with watches.

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8. JQUEEN Auto Watch Winders

JQUEEN Six Automatic Watch

If you are looking for not only a normal watch winder but a watch winder that has some spaces to keep up to 7 watches, then this is for you. This JQUEEN superior-looking watch winder can rotate 6 watches and acts as a storage to hold another 7 watches. It is also featured with the 3 direction mode that was mentioned above and absolutely 100% handmade. The soften flannel, transparent glass that is made from acrylic, and the hardware of this watch winder are all made from high-quality materials.

What is more, if you buy this JQUEEN watch winder and jewelry box, you will get a 1-year warranty from the company. The last thing to be mentioned is the 24/7 customer service for customers’ convenience.

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7. Sepano Watch Winder Box

Sepano Automatic Watch Winder

This model is similar to the JQUEEN brand that includes many features such as; the 3-direction spinning, silently working, and 5 rotation modes that you can choose to fit different watches. It is a hand-design product that is made out of high-end material from the watch pillow to the hardware of the watch winder.

The Sepanpo model comes with a 1.5year-warranty, an adapter, a cleaning cloth and a manual. Lastly, your loved ones will certainly love this product and are satisfied, if they can own it.

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6. TRIPLE TREE Self Winding Watch Box

New Designed Watch

Starting with the materials of this product are; wood shell, see-through acrylic glass, super quiet motor, piano paint, and flexible uniquely designed pillow. By knowing these materials, this product is certainly superior to many other watch winders. The pillow of this TRIPLE TREE watch winder can fit many different sizes of watches’ brands (maximum fit is for a 66mm wrist). This model has 4 winders and comes with 4 extra flexible pillows that can fit both men and women.

There are blue LED lightings that allows us to find our watches easily in the dark. There are 4 available modes that you can choose to appropriately spin your watches. If you buy this model, you will get 1 watch winder, 1 key, and 1 AC adapter.

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5. TRIPLE TREE (Single Watch Winder)

Single Watch Winder

The above watch winders are capable of spinning more than one automatic watch which makes the size of the device look a bit huge. Thus, in this part, it is for a small-sized watch winder that can rotate only 1 watch. This model is made out of some good quality wood which is covered by PU leather and acrylic glass on top of the watch winder to make it see-through. It is said to have no noise that might disturb you and is best to keep at your office or bedroom.

We cannot forget to mention its super flexible pillow that can fit for both men and women watches. The product comes with 4 rotation modes such as; clockwise, anti-clockwise, both, and non-steady clockwise together with counter-clockwise mode.

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4. JQUEEN Watch Winder Box

JQUEEN Watch Winder

You might wonder why there is another JQUEEN model in the list but this one is a bit different in the number of watches that this model can spin. It can be operated by using an AC adapter or a battery. The materials that are used to make the product is acrylic glass, piano lacquer, no-noise motors, and soft flexible pillows. This watch winder consists of the 3 direction rotation that we mentioned above and 5 programs setting (related to the time that the watch winder will start and stop and the direction that it will spin) which is very new for any watch winders.

You can choose to use an adapter that is included in the package or batteries that are not included but easy to find in markets. It can spin a total of 4 watches at the same time with its high-end pillow and motors. This 100% handmade model together with its fancy look will be the best gift for your loved ones. It is said by some customers that this product is such a fabulous item.

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3. CHIYODA (Single watch winder)

CHIYODA Single Automatic

This model is different from the above CHIYODA watch winder because of some reason. The first reason is that it is a good-looking tiny model that can rotate only 1 automatic watch but with its size, it can be moved easier than the bigger models. It is said that the pillow that comes with the product can fit all sizes of all watches. Interestingly, there are 12 spinning modes (related to time and direction to spin), which make this product different from others. Just like others, it is a silent running watch winder that is 100% handmade with high-quality materials that make it look fantastic.

The package of this model includes; a watch winder, a cloth for cleaning, an AC adapter, a foam cushion, and last but not least a 1.5year-warranty. You can control the rotation direction with the three direction modes and it has a total of 12 modes to choose if you want to buy this product. This CHIYODA model is designed to rotate your watch for some minutes and then stop for about an hour and this rotation and stop can be customized to your desire. You can use batteries or an adapter to power this device but cannot use both at the same time.

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2. JQUEEN (Double Watch Winder)

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet

To start with, this model comes with a motor that runs silently, which sound level is only 5db (unnoticeable). It also has 5 programs setting that relates to the rest and rotates time of the watch winder. This product looks amazing with its luxury paint and stylish design. It is the watch protection device that prevents dust and scratches from happening to your watches. This watch winder has plenty of space to fit all kinds of watches, so, if you think your watch is too big to fit inside, do not worry. It can be powered by an AC adapter or batteries that are not included in the package.

After you buy the product and some features are not working, you have a 1.5-year warranty to secure your back. Ratings from many customers show that they have met their expectations after they bought the product and some even said that it is the coolest gift ever.

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1. Wolf Watch Winder

WOLF 270102 Heritage

Cover with black artificial leather, see-through glass at the front side, make this WOLF double watch winder looks gorgeous. It keeps your watches working by spinning them with the three direction modes. The Wolf Watch Winder is designed to fit large and heavy watches that have the maximum size of 52mm case with its lock-in cuff designation. It is powered by a 3.3V adapter or you can choose to use lithium batteries. The rotation is unique because it counts the amount of rotation per day. Normally, it spins 900 times a day recorded by the patented innovation of WOLF. There is an option that we can choose to have a 12h in setting and if you choose the bi-directional mode it will double the number of turns per day of the watch winders.

It has been mentioned by a lot of customers about its awesome quality (no-sound, rotation, hardware). This product might not only meet your expectations but exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Below is a small section regarding frequently asked questions on watch winder. We hope you find our answer useful and helpful for your buying consideration.

  1. What is a Watch winder?

A watch winder is basically a tool box that is used to store your automatic watches, and it helps letting the watches stay functioning and operating when it is not worn. Plus, the watch winder is available in several sizes, ranging from single watch holder to multiple watches holder regarding your needs and preferences. Having a watch winder provides many benefits include keeping the watch running and stay lubricated, easy to access to it when you need to wear it, as well as a decoration to your room as you can display the watch in the winder tidily and neatly.

  1. How does a watch winder work?

We all know that the watch winder is for storing the automatic watches. However, we also need to understand the automatic watches. Actually, the automatic watches only operate well when it was worn on your wrist. When it’s at rest, the watches wind down.

Therefore, the watch winder works perfectly to resolve the matter and keep the automatic watches running even when it’s not worn. The watch winders literally create a motion that is as same as the motion of the wrist of human, which then leads the watch to continually reserve its energy and run as normal. The watch winders come with different winding directions as well as different winding frequency.

  1. Can a watch winder damage watches?

The good-quality watch winder is safe to use, and it will not give any damages to your automatic watches, as its like-worn-on-wrist motion makes the watch’s mainspring to constantly operate and wind according to its direction properly. Nonetheless, you also have to be careful with the substandard watch winders, for it may not be safe to store your watches because of its poor engagement to the mainspring of the watch, or otherwise, it can make excessive engagement with the wearing of the slip clutch, that is not good for your watches.

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If you or your beloved ones are owning an automatic watches, it is significant that you should purchase a watch winder. The above top 10 best watch winder we have just introduced you through the review come with high performance and good quality. Most of them come with great design and attractive looks, for some are made of leather, wood, and more. The watch winder can also be a great gift for your beloved ones in any occasions.