Top 10 Best Water Filter Reviews in 2021 – Review and Guide

Greetings to all readers out there, who value their health the top priority. To ensure you have a happy and healthy life, you must then consume the right food and drinks which are rich in proteins, fiber and essential minerals for your organs. What do you consider the best thing to consume for your daily lives? Well, some of you might think meat or vegetables could keep you alive. However, that is not exactly correct. Water is considered to be the most essential thing that you need to consume in your daily lives. Experts suggest everyone to drink at least 2.5litres per day to help maintain your health in countless ways. On the other hand, the water that is consumed nowadays is not clean enough which could lead to various diseases.

Hence, we have to make sure that we are drinking clean water that is full of minerals to help regulate your body. That’s why this article is written to introduce you to a product that could make your water consumption better and healthier. That product is called a “Water Filter”. A water filter is designed to remove excess bacteria, chlorine and other harmful substances in your water and add minerals and essential components into it. A water filter is made to be used in different positions such as in a sink, a fridge, a pitcher or a cartridge. It all depends on where you want to put it. This article will guide you to the top 10 best water filter reviews we found based on their features and experiences in using them.

List Of Top 10 Best Water Filter Reviews in 2021 + BG

10. LG LT700P:

 LG LT700P Refrigerator Water

Coming off to the very first product of the review, which is a water filter that is made to be with the refrigerator- LG LT700P, a brand that is innovative and effective. This model comes with a big value bottle that could reduce up to 97% of unnecessary and toxic chemicals such as chlorine, odor and bacteria away and add in more minerals and greater taste for your water.

LG LT700P comes with an easy installation for your fridge well with no leaks and stains. Not to mention that, it is recommended to change one every 6months or after 2,000 gallons of usage for a more effective result.

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9. New Wave Enviro:

 New Wave Enviro

If you are living in the town, you often know that your sink water smells and tastes very badly like gag. Since it is full of chlorines and odor. Therefore, New Wave Enviro might be the best solution for you guys to clear all of the contaminants such as chlorines, taste and odor all away, leaving your water fresh and clean for you to consume.

Moreover, this 10 steps water filter works really effectively which lets the water run slowly through the filter to clean everything well. This is highly recommended for those who are having a really tight budget, but still wanting to get a good one.

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8. PurePlus:

 PUREPLUS 1 Micron

PurePlus is best for cartridge usage, which is best for a high-filtration system that could extract all the contaminants away with the extraordinary quality of absorption. On top of that, the RO carbon filter is made out of 100% pure coconut shell and activated carbon to remove all of the dust, sand and remove small particles.

This carbon water filter could filtrate up to 13,000 gallons of water in total, which is a massive amount for long-term usage. Not to mention that, this water filter could reduce up to 99% of odor, taste, color, sediments and other particles out of the water, leaving it clean and safe to consume.

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7. Filtrete:

 Filtrete Advanced Under Sink

This next guy is another water filter replacement that comes with an advanced filtration that could filtrate 99.3% of the rusts, sediments, chlorine taste and odor away easily. Moreover, this is great for under-sink usage that can be used up to 6 months or 2,000 gallons in total.

On top of that, this filter also helps control the amount of water running out of your faucet well too. Not to mention that, this model is easy to install, and safe to use and consume since it is being certified standard 53 and 42.

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6. EveryDrop:

 EveryDrop by Whirlpool

If you are finding another option for your refrigerator, EveryDrop might be another perfect choice for you. EveryDrop is innovatively created to reduce 99% of 28 contaminants in total, including pesticides, particles, chlorine, taste and odor away instantly, leaving clean and fresh water for you to drink.

In addition, it is being certified by NSP53 and NSP42 to ensure safe and clean consumption. On top of that, it is easy to install and it is suggested to change after 1,500 gallons of usage.

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5. Frigidaire PureSource Ultra:

Frigidaire ULTRAWF

If you are seeking a greater taste for your water and add another level of hygiene to it, this might be another best option for you to choose to put in your fridge. This model could convert your water that is full of contaminants and harmful chemicals into a clean and fresh taste bottle water alike for your daily consumption.

Moreover, by using this water filter it could save up the environment way better with a healthy and active life. Not to mention that, it is suggested to change one every 6 months for effective filtration.

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4. Brita Ultra Max:

 Brita Ultra Max Filtering

If you don’t prefer putting a water filter under the sink or the fridge, this might be another great option for you. Brita Ultra Max comes in a set with a dispenser for easy water storage that can be put anywhere you want to.

Moreover, its water filter is formulated to be one of the best so far in clearing all the contaminants such as chlorine, odor, bad taste in the water. This filter is highly recommended to change once every 2 months for an effective filtration.

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3. Aquagear:

 Aquagear Water Filter

Aquagear serves you well for those who are looking for a water filter that comes in a pitcher, which is great for moving it, by all means it is great for travelling, when you still want to drink clean and fresh water in a pitcher. This water filter pitcher is being certified in NSP Standard 53 and 42 for safe consumption and vegan with its 5 stage innovation.

Not to mention that, this model consists of 3 times durability than the Brita filter with up to 150 gallons of usage. Moreover, it removes all of the contaminants way better than the normal filter pitcher does and it saves magnesium and calcium in your water.

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2. Membrane Solutions:

 Membrane Solutions

This Membrane Solutions water filter comes in string water filter form that performs well with water that has many sediments. This model comes with an innovative reverse Omosis system as it can wash and clear all the contaminants even in a small 5 microns.

Moreover, it lasts for a super long life span than most of the water filters do, since this is suggested to replace once 2-3 years for effective usage.

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1. CuZn:

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter

CuZn comes with a smart installation that takes you only several minutes for the complete installation that could save more of your time and energy. This water filter consists of a 3 stage filtration process that could take away all of the rusts, dirt, chlorine, odor and bad taste away well and leave your water fresh and clean to drink.

Moreover, it is also equipped with a Bacteriostatic Filtration system that could remove all of the pesticides, particles and other bacteria away which is even more effective than the carbon filter.

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To sum up, it is a really good idea for you guys to have a water filter at each of your houses. This ensures a safe water consumption throughout your daily lives. Moreover, it extracts all of the bacteria, chlorine and odors out of the water and gives it a clean and better taste. The products that are being reviewed above may be put in different places.

Buying Guide:

We need to be picky and decisive before purchasing any products. Especially, it is even more crucial when it comes to something that you are consuming in your daily lives. I’m sure some of you might be hesitant whether or not to get this water filter since you are new to it. Therefore, this additional article will lead you to your desired water filter based on a few bullet points:

  • Model Number: to avoid the wrong application, firstly, you have to know which water filter fits well with your desired area.
  • Where to Put It: you have to know where you put the water filter at, is it your fridge, under your sink, pitcher for portability or for your counter dispenser?
  • Replacements: it is really ideal for you to read the instructions of replacement to always receive an effective result to have a daily fresh and clean water.
  • Filtration Process: make sure to find a water filter that comes in various steps of filtration to avoid contaminants.

RO System or Bacteriostatic System: make sure to find either one of a 2 to ensure you receive a healthy drinking water. Carbon Filter is also a good idea for you to choose to.