Top 10Best Waterproof Camera in 2021 – Review and Guide

Back then, photography was a hobby that comes with limits. Taking pictures underwater was not doable, and taking photos at the beach required you to take high precautions to never drop the camera into water.

Yet, these are now a thing of the past. Today’s waterproof cameras are more affordable and versatile than ever. Meanwhile, if you’re overdue for one, here are the top 10 best-selling waterproof cameras in 2021.

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List Of Top 10 Best Waterproof Camera in 2021

10. Moocar 

Moocor Underwater Fishing

To begin with, we have a waterproof camera from Moocar. The camera can be used as an HD LCD monitor or an underwater camera. It is suitable for people who like ice fishing or sea fishing. It can be used to look at the underwater topographic too. It also has a LED backlight and sun visor which can be used under the sun. It is waterproof. Plus, it has a power-saving mode that will remind you when it nearly runs out of battery. It also has a night light which can be used at night or in a dark environment.

The power of this product is about 3.7 V and its battery life is 3000 mA. It can be used for 8 hours after a full charge. Adding to that, its cable is made of black PU skin and bullet-proof wires. It is also resistant to cold, and corrosion tensile. Moreover, the cable can hold up to 15 kg.

You can also use it as a gift to your friend or family during the holiday season or Christmas. It has a license from CE, FCC, and RoHS. This product is also backed by a one-year warranty. It comes with one fin, one user manual, a USB cord, and one charger.

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 Pellor Waterproof Digital

Up next, we have a waterproof camera from PELLOR. It has two colors which are blue and orange. It is perfect for snorkeling. It is designed to be waterproof so that you can take a picture when you are diving or swimming. Moreover, the picture or video that has been taken is all HD and high quality. You don’t need to buy an additional memory card because PELLOR already provides you a 16 G memory card. It is a built-in rechargeable battery. Plus, it has a large battery capacity which is about 1000 mAh.

After a full charge, you can take a recorded video of about 2 hours straight. It is trendy and cute which is suitable to gift it to kids on birthday or Christmas. It also has a compact and lightweight design which is easy to hold and carry around. Furthermore, it is very convenient to use. It is anti-falling so the kid can take pictures or videos wherever they want. It is rugged and dustproof too. Lastly, it also has an anti-shake function which will make sure that your picture is clear and not jitter.

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Moving on to the next waterproof camera, it is AKASO. It is built-in with an IPS touch screen which you can easily control the setting, change shooting mode or playback footage. It is also designed to have electronic image stabilization which ensures that you will capture or record a smooth and steady video. It also makes sure that you will take a clear picture of the fast-moving objects.

It comes with a waterproof case. It can dive in up to 131 feet. Additionally, it can be used for swimming, diving, surfing, snorkeling and more. In addition, its angle is adjustable as you can alter it to medium, wide, narrow or super wide. It also can connect to Wi-Fi and you also need to download the ISM DV app so that you can connect it with your phone, iPad or other devices. It is also built-in with a wireless wrist remote control which you can use even when you are skiing, surfing or cycling. It includes two batteries and a USB dual charger. One battery can record about 1 and a half hours.

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AKASO V50 Pro Native

Another top-rated waterproof camera is also from AKASO. Two colors, black and grey, have been offered. This device is designed to be able to connect with Wi-Fi. You need to download Ismartpro+ app so that you can connect this device with devices like tablet, iPad or phone. Then, you can get to share your picture or video on your social media. It also has an optional view angle in which you can adjust the angle of this device. You can change it to narrow, wide, medium or super wide. Adding to that, it has a distortion calibration function which will improve your image distortion.

Plus, it has a touch screen UI that has a clear screen and you can also easily control the previewing, setting, etc. Another feature of it is that its pictures or videos that are being taken are all 4K/30 fps. Even if the object is fast-moving, this device is still able to capture it clearly. It is waterproof and it could drive in up to 30 meters. There is a diving mode in which a red light will show up when you switch it on.

There is also an external Microphone which helps record all the detail sound, but it will not include too. Besides that, it has an electronic image stabilization that will make sure that you can record smooth and steady video. It comes with a remote control wristband, 2 rechargeable batteries, and accessories kits.

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6. GoPro

GoPro HERO7 Silver

Subsequently, we have GoPro. It is designed to be rugged and tiny. Moreover, it is waterproof too. It also has an intuitive touch screen in which you can control the setting, change mode, take pictures or record videos by swiping and tapping. All videos and pictures are all high quality and full HD. There is also a burst mode which in one second, can take 15 pictures. In addition, you can use your voice to control it since it has voice control.

Furthermore, it features video stabilization in which even if you are snorkeling or skiing, the recording video is still smooth and steady. The pictures and videos will be taken at a very fast rate which its speed is about 100 MB per second. It also can be used as a gift on holiday or Christmas.

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5. GoPro


This is another model for a waterproof camera from GoPro. It has a max hyper smooth function which will ensure you have a smooth and stable recording. It can be used to live streaming and the live stream quality is 1080 p. Additionally, the horizon leveling function will help produce you have a silky smooth look. Besides that, it has a powerpano mode too. There are six mics that you can record or caption all detail sounds.

Additionally, in hero mode, there are four digital lenses in which you can choose one between the four lenses. The picture or video can be captured or recorded in linear, narrow, max, wide or super wide.

There is also a time warp function in which you alter the speed depending on scene detection, motion, or lighting. It also can record 360-degree pictures, videos or footage. It comes with USB c-cable, microfiber bag, rechargeable battery, curved adhesive mount, thumb screw, mounting buckle and more.

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4. Ricoh 

Ricoh WG-60 Red

It’s time to look at another waterproof camera which is from Ricoh. There are two colors which are black and red. This device can be used in any condition even in a harsh environment or weather. It can be used for two hours after fully charged. It is resistant to water and it can dive in the water up to 14 meters. There is an underwater mode that will make your picture that is being taken look more natural.

It is designed to be rugged enough that even if it falls up to 1.6 meters, this device still operates normally. It is also crushproof protection which you withstand 100 kg crush. It is also freeze proof which means it is still working at -10 degree. There is a silicon protector that will protect this device for drop or scratches.

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3. Panasonic


The top third waterproof camera is from Panasonic. It comes in three colors which are red, blue and black. It is waterproof which dives in the water up to 8 meters. It is also shockproof and can stand a 1.5-meter fall. Plus, it is freeze proof in which it can withstand -10 degree. It is also dustproof.

Another feature is that it has a built-in memory which will provide you an additional 220 MB and you can store about 34 pictures more when you use up all of your memory SD card. There is a torchlight which helps you take a beautiful picture or videos at night or in a dark environment.

Adding to that, the pictures or videos recorded are all HD with the resolution of 128 x 720 p. You can also instantly change from taking pictures to recording videos as well. Lastly, there is an optical image stabilizer in which you will still be able to take clear pictures even when your hand is shaking.

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2. Fujifilm 

 Fujifilm FinePix

The second top waterproof camera is from Fujifilm. It is waterproof which can go dive into the water about 82 feet. It is also freeze proof which it still operates at the temperature of 14 ‘F. Moreover, it is also shockproof that you can withstand the 5.9 ft fall. It is also dustproof. There is also a smile shutter function. The pictures and videos that are captured by this device are 4K and in one second, it could take 15 frames.

It is also designed to have Bluetooth. You can connect this device with your phone, iPad or tablet. Two colors such as blue and yellow have been offered for you to choose from. It is perfect to use for cycling, skiing, diving, swimming, etc.

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1. Olympus 

 Olympus Tough

Last but not least, we have a waterproof camera from Olympus. There are two colors which are red and black. There are 5 underwater shooting settings such as underwater white balance modes and underwater microscope. The picture and video that has been taken are 4K with 120 fps. It is resistant to water and it can go into the water up to 15 meters. It is dustproof, crushproof and anti-fog too.

Furthermore, even if this device fell from 7 feet height, it is still working because it is shockproof. Plus, it is freeze proof as it can withstand the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. It is designed to have 2 lenses and CMOS image sensors. It also has a lightweight and compact design.

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Buying Guide: How to buy a waterproof camera?

Each one of the products above is different from one another in terms of their design, the capacity, and functions. So let’s look at our buying guides. We hope that these points below will help you find the most suitable waterproof camera for your needs.

Image stabilization: You do not want the pictures to be blurry. That is why you should find the one that has the image stabilization feature so that even when you are skiing, cycling, or swimming, you still can take clear videos or pictures.

Wi-Fi: after taking a video or picture, you might want to have those pictures on your phone. That is why you should find a waterproof camera that offers Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can connect it to your phone, iPad, tablet, or other devices. Plus, with Wi-fi, you can share your pictures on social media instantly, too.

Water, dustproof, freeze, fog, and shockproof: the camera should be resistant to water at least 10 meters. Some buyers even opt for a camera that is resistant to dust, freeze, and shock for even more heavy-duty use. Hence, determine your needs in advance.

Photo Quality: the camera that you are going to buy should offer high quality, HD and/or 4K videos and pictures to ensure beautiful, clear, and high-quality footage. Yet, take note that the higher the picture quality, the more expensive the camera is as well.

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