Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds in 2021 – Review and Guide

What is more annoying than having to unwind or untie the knots of your earphone’s wire when you pull it from your pocket? This problem was not solved until wireless earbuds were introduced. Wireless earbuds are very popular today and they are gradually replacing the normal earbuds. This is simply because they are more convenient and use better technology. Having wireless earbuds will add more joyfulness to your music listening experiences. There are many kinds and brands of wireless earbuds available in the market nowadays. And sometimes, you may find it really difficult to make decisions.

Therefore, our team has come up with a list of nine best wireless earbuds or best buy headphones that have been narrowed down based on the quality and customers’ feedback. At the end of this article, you will find a useful buying guide where you can find information about how to choose ideal wireless earbuds.

List Of Top 9 Best Wireless Earbuds in 2021

What are the best wireless earbuds?

9. Jabra Earbuds

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Firstly, we would like to introduce Jabra’s 4th generation earbuds which are known for its design and great performance. Enhanced with a 4-microphone call technology, the earbuds will always filter unnecessary noises in your surrounding environment. They are small yet fit perfectly to your ears. There are three sizes of ear gels so that you can choose according to the size of your ears. The earbuds come with a portable charging case that provides you a 28-hour battery. These Bluetooth earbuds can be used up to 7.5 hours.

Moreover, they do not have audio interruptions so you can enjoy listening or having conservations more. More importantly, you can actually customize the sound quality by using Jabra Sound+ App. They also have voice control supported by Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. They are specially designed to protect against sweat and dust. Jabra earbuds come with four colors such as titanium black, copper black, navy, and gold beige.

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8. Kissral

 Kissral Wireless

Next, let’s have a look at Kissral Bluetooth earbuds which come along with a 3000mAh-battery charging case. The charging case is integrated with an LED display which tells you the remaining battery. With a single charge, you can use them up to 6.5 hours. These earbuds are designed to comfortably fit into your ears and for portability. They have waterproof features that will protect against sweat and rain, so they are undoubtedly perfect for your workout.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is very stable and fast pairing. The earbuds will automatically connect to your last-paired device once you take them out from the case. The full package of this product will also include a USB to Micro USB charging cable. In addition to this, you will get six couples of silicone ear tips. Further, you will get a 2-year customer care from Kissral once you buy the earbuds. Enjoy your experience more with Kissral!

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7. TOZO T10

TOZO T10 Bluetooth

Moving on, we have TOZO T10 wireless earbuds which come in four different colors including black, grey, white, and khaki. By adopting the advanced technology of Bluetooth 5.0, the connection is faster and more stable. TOZO T10 charging box is compatible with wireless charger and it gives 14 hours in addition to the 4-hour use of earbuds with a single charge. The charging box can also be recharged by using a USB cable.

Each pair of earbuds is designed with IPX8 waterproof features, making them ideal for sports activities as you may sweat a lot. The earbuds are lightweight, and they fit perfectly to your ears. The silicone ear caps will not hurt your ears. TOZO T10 earbuds are amongst the best earbuds since they offer authentic sound and great bass performance.

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6. TaoTronics

 Wireless Earbuds

TaoTronics wireless earbuds are built with IPX7 water-resistant features that help prevent water, rain, and sweat. For this reason, many users commonly use it in the gym or jogging outside. They are also famous for their sound quality. With TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53, you will be able to listen to an authentic sound with enhanced speaker and bass performance. The Bluetooth range is around 10 meters.

TaoTronics wireless earbuds offer a maximum of 5 hours of playtime within a single charge. However, the charging case also holds some batteries which give you an addition of 36 hours of playtime. With this amazing performance, you will definitely enjoy listening to the music as well as having conversations with your friends more. Besides all of these features, TaoTronics also has touch control which provides easy access for you to answer and hang up your calls. By just tapping, you can also command the music to pause and play too.

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5. Beats

Powerbeats Pro Wireless

When we talk about headphones or earphones, we must never forget about Beats. They are amongst the most well-known companies in this industry. Beats also offers wireless earbuds known as Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones. They are wireless earbuds for iPhone and Android users which uses an extended range of Bluetooth. These earphones have a playtime of up to nine hours. However, with the charging case, it could last up to 24 hours.

Like some other earbuds, Powerbeats Pro is also lightweight and can be carried wherever you go. It also has voice command, and volume and track controls. They are also reinforced with waterproof design, so you have no worry during your long-hour training, workouts, and marathons. Plus, they have power-saving mode which will be automatically turned on when the battery is low. There are four choices of colors such as navy, ivory, moss, and black. Both price and quality are guaranteed!

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4. Axloie

Axloie Sports Wireless

Axloie offers an affordable pair of Bluetooth earbuds. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows stable and fast connection. Each earbud is attached with a skin-friendly ear hook, which can fit securely to your ears. Axloie also has a long battery life. With just one single charge, they can last up to five hours. The compact charging case has the battery of 400mAh which could boost your playtime up to 20 hours.

Moreover, these wireless earbuds are water-resistant. They can protect from water, especially sweat during your intensive training. We probably do not need to mention how amazing the sound quality is since Axloie has used a customized algorithm to intensify the frequencies. Axloie could be your favorite wireless earbuds. Add one to your cart now!

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3. Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Next, we have earbuds from one of the world-famous companies which is Samsung. Samsung’s latest wireless earbuds are called Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which come with four different colors, such as black, red, white, and cloud blue. With their astonishing design, Galaxy Buds+ can perfectly fit your ears and lead you to another different world! The sound quality is absolutely amazing. Furthermore, there are three microphones in each earbud, in which two of them are outside and another one is inside. Galaxy Buds+ are not just wireless earbuds for Android, but they are also compatible with iOS too. You shall have installed Galaxy Wearable App and Galaxy Buds+ on your Android and iOS device respectively in order to enjoy a full experience with your earbuds.

You may not believe this, but Samsung technology is pretty advanced. Therefore, Galaxy Buds+ has a super long battery life, particularly up to 22 hours in addition to 11 hours on a single charge. What is more surprising is their fast-charging technology. It only takes three minutes to give an hour of play time to the earbuds. The battery can be charged wirelessly too. The battery life can be checked by using your smartphone. In addition to this, for Samsung users, you can actually control Galaxy Buds+ from your Galaxy smartphones, smartwatch, and tablets. They also have voice assistants like Bixby and Alexa. Galaxy Buds+ come with three sizes of ear gels.

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2. Purity True Wireless Earbuds

 Purity True Wireless Earbuds

Now, we would like to recommend another affordable brand of wireless earbuds, which is Purity. Purity True Wireless Earbuds will bring your experience with music, calls, podcasts to another level. It comes with a compact charging case that gives you 10 extra hours of playtime, while a single charge of earbuds allows you to use it for a maximum of four hours. There are four white LED lights on the charging case, indicating the charging percentage of your earbuds.

Moreover, Purity’s wireless earbuds are also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX5 technology. You can finally free your stress as you can connect to your device faster and easier. The IPX5 technology will protect your earbuds from any damages caused by your sweat, so you can stay focused during your long hours of training! There are three different sizes of ear caps – small, medium, and large. Please choose the size according to your preference. A one-year warranty will be provided by Purity when you buy them.

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1. Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

 Wireless Earbuds

Last but not least, we would like to proudly introduce Boltune Bluetooth earphones. To enhance the bass performance, Boltune has built in Qualcomm chipset and PU drivers. Plus, they also have the noise cancellation technology to help filter out unwanted noises in the background and provide clarity in sound. A full charge of earbuds can be used for up to seven hours. The battery in the charging case, on the other hand, can extend the playtime up to 42 extra hours. The earphones can last for one hour for every 10-minute charge. Boltune uses USB type C to recharge the charging case.

What’s more special is that Boltune also has smart touch sensors. They can be controlled in many different ways. In other words, you can turn the volume up or down, answer or hang up the call, and play or pause or adjust the music. With the IPX7 water-resistant technology, your earbuds can be protected from sweat and rain. Your conversation will not be distracted even if you are walking in the rain or sweating heavily in the gym. Boltune offers a three-year warranty and customer support after your purchase. And if you are not satisfied with the product, you can still ask for a refund within three months.

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Buying Guide: who makes the best wireless earbuds?

To get a better understanding of how to choose ideal wireless earbuds, please spare some time reading the buying guide below. There are several factors that we need to take into consideration when we want to purchase wireless earbuds.

  • Compatible device: To make sure you buy the right product, please check carefully if the earbuds are compatible with the device that you are using. Most wireless earbuds are compatible with both Apple and Android devices.
  • Price: The price of earbuds varies amongst the brand of the earbuds. You shall purchase the item according to your available budget.
  • Water-resistant: An ideal pair of wireless earbuds shall have this feature that can prevent sweat and rain. This feature will give you peace of mind and let you enjoy your exercises more.
  • Battery life: The longer battery life of the earbuds is, the better experience you will get.
  • Additional features: Some other features, like noise cancellation technology and voice control, are the bonus! Not every wireless earbud has these features, so if you want to have a better experience, you should consider buying earbuds that come with special features and technology.


To sum up, we have looked at the nine best wireless earbuds by going through their extraordinary features one by one. Wireless earbuds are commonly preferred because they are hands-free and portable, not to mention their more advanced technology. All of the wireless earbuds we introduced in this article provide high-quality performance.

Due to their waterproof technology, they are the best choices for gyms and other sports. Moreover, they all have great battery life, allowing you to enjoy listening to music in longer hours. Overall, there is no reason why we shall not buy wireless earbuds.

If you are often traveling around, I would personally recommend checking these Bluetooth Car Stereos which can be used while not having earbuds with.